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  1. Been lurking... I'm new to the forum game, but maybe I'll catch on.

    Hunt behind these muts

  2. Welcome. Nice looking pair of dogs there.
    I hunt with a Boykin spaniel, flushing breed, but always drool over a nice pointer.

  3. Nice dogs,

    What is the all brown dog, Visla????
  4. Yep- 2.5 yr old Vizsla... 10 month of ES on the right.

    Heading downstate to try our luck on some ditch parrots.

    Good luck to anyone hunting this weekend, be safe.
  5. ccavacini

    ccavacini Super Mod Mod

    Welcome to the forum...Always pass your way every year on my way to Canada for our fishing trip....have a good bird year.
  6. The soo- thats way north. Let us know when the pink salmon are up in the St Mary's river next August/september. Probably too late for this year:)
  7. Certainly... next year being an even year... it will be borderline "no challenge" fishing... Can't wait!
  8. welcome

    Hey, don't I know you. I think maybe I have seen those dogs running wild on Drummond Island. Glad to see you on the Indiana side.

  9. "I'd hit that"