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Holiday Steel

Discussion in 'Northwest Indiana Fishing Reports' started by tigdug, Dec 13, 2006.

  1. Howdy folks, new to the site...and I happen to be heading to Elkhart for the upcoming holidays and was wondering if anyone had any up to the date info on steelhead in the Joe. I've fished out of Elkhart for eyes, panfish, catfish, and bass, but don't know much about the steel possibilities. From what I've read, most of those fish should be up river a bit, in the Mishawaka area? Is that right and does anyone have any info on public shore acess to target them? Thanks much!
  2. Hi tigbug

    You will not find any steel in Elkhart. Dam in Osceola does not have
    Best bet would be right under the Osceola dam/Frank Zapia Park.

    I am not shure but, river might not be fishable right now, because of the amounth of rain we got in the past saveral weeks ( no snow). Do not know what is the clarity.
    Maybe if, in the next couple of weeks it goes down, fishing will be pretty good since is not too cold.

    Best luck to you.

  3. GT-
    Thanks much for the info. Frank Zapia is just a bit down the road from the relatives, so contingent upon water-conditions, I hope to give it a try.
    As for first Great Lakes salmon came this year off the Grand Haven pier...and I didn't save the eggs (woops) I've been reading up on what to try artificial-wise, but any guidance you've got would be appreciated. Thanks again.
  4. thanks for the advice. a gent at zapia also suggested frozen shrimp...
    as it turned out nothing was doing...i think the water may have been a tad bit high. sure was nice to be on the river though.