"HONEY-DO" project done - MAJOR bonus hunting pts!

Discussion in 'Sound Off' started by jstalljon, Mar 3, 2007.

  1. The wife has been after me to remodel our family room fireplace since we moved in two years ago. Well, after several long weekends and late nights, I am finally two pieces of base trim away from having this project completed. (Those will be here Wednesday...gotta love special order) ::)

    Here's the before picture....the brick was in decent shape, but the room felt so dark due to all the black, and there were PINK hues as well that we never quite got used to. The room just felt cold.


    Amazingly the animated picture looked a lot like my wife describing "how", "why" and "when" she wanted everything done! LOL ;D

    And here is the after....

    The hardest part by far was setting the cultured stone over the brick on the walls, the hearthstones were a piece of cake, but trying to put an 8lb stone on a vertical wall was "interesting" to put it mildly. Luckily the wife had the kids out of the house when I was doing that, cause a few explatives slipped out! :-X

    The 42" plasma was my "must have" for this project, and notice what is on in this picture... ;D

    I surprised my wife with the blown up pictures of our two children, and that brought her to tears. Needless to say, this was pretty much my golden ticket for all of spring turkey, spring and summer fishing and early bow season! :cool:

    Time to crack open a beer.... :p
  2. Very nice...i've got this basement i would like you to look at...haha

  3. atta boy jon!!! looks good...
    My wife wanted something done around our house once...
    but she wanted it done right so she had her family come do it while i was out of town haha
  4. Thanks guys....Tmarsh...you'l have to wait....my basement is next. It's going to be rustic with pine and camo everywhere...

    A special home for all my mounts, highlighted of course by the kegarator and the 71" DLP!

    This appeased her, now my domicile is next!
  5. Wow

    :bowdown: Great job! Looks awesome.
  6. Fire up the kegorator ... I'm on my way! Huntin' video on a 48 plasma.:coolgleam
  7. It's only a 42" plasma Derek, but it still looks great on the Scentlok DVD when Tiffany L. is bow hunting for carp and decides her T-shirt is a little too warm for her and decides to go bikini top only! :)

    I was going to freeze frame that shot when I took the "after" picture, but the powers that be just rolled her eyes and said, "Yeah...I'm sure you "hunting boyfriends" would LOVE that." It's nice she refers to you guys so reverently.
  8. Looks nice, Jon.
  9. FANTASTIC Jon! I'm getting ready to start a similar project REAL soon.
    KEGERATOR:D:D:D Mine's Empty:(