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Hoosier record Book Program Entries - The Graphs

Discussion in 'Indiana Whitetail Hunting' started by CutNShoot, Jan 18, 2006.

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  1. Hoosier record Book Program Entries

    Can anyone spot a TREND on these BEFORE the OBR?

    Sure can. Plain as day isn’t it?

    Number of HRBP Entries by Year


    Percentage Change for HRBP Entries from a 1992 Base


    HRBP percentage of yearly harvest


    There is no denying it that the big bucks were out there and we were killing more and more of them EVERY year BEFORE the OBR.

  2. CutnShoot:

    I want you to please respond how in 1996 the largest harvest of Whitetails and the highest population ever was so low? And this was under two bucks?

    You are graphing back to 1992 when you said 1992 wasn't avalid point and couldn't be used?

    Everyone reading the graphs and my numbers need to keep one important fact in mind.

    EVERY YEAR prior to 2002 had the opportunity to take two bucks. Where are those bucks? If they were out there why did they not get taken? And we had more hunters then.

    Woody keep trying to find the smoking gun.......

    I thought you also received the harvest graph, did that not meet your agenda?

  3. If you will remember that was the time period when we were doing our "brown is down" thing. The "Unintentional" Phase One of QDM by the IDNR..

    Not my graphs, Joe. You knew that. I'm just looking at the TREND form 1997 to today. Very vivid isn;t it?

    ....and we were killing them in ever increasing numbers form 1997 on.. right?

    I never recieved a "harvest graph'. I recieved a "percent of harvest" graph and it is posted here. It is the third graph.

    They were out there weren't they Joe??
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  4. Illinois vs. Indiana all-time

    How do you explain this people? Tonight, since there is much, much data to type on here, I am only going to compare Illinois and Indiana's archery Typical top thirties (Top 30 All-Time). If time allows, I'll compare other(s) (i.e. firearms typ. and N.T.). The Illinois info. comes from the 2004 version (which is most current) of "Illinois' Whitetails", and the Indiana info. comes from the latest 2004-2006 edition of Indiana's HRBP record book titled "Recollecting Nature's Miracles". These two books are each states' equivalent to the other.

    Indiana's Top 30 Archery Typicals Illinois' Top 30 Archery Typicals

    195 1/8 (1985) 204 4/8 (1965)
    182 4/8 (1985) 196 6/8 (2000)
    181 3/8 (1989) 195 2/8 (1999)
    180 6/8 (1990) 193 4/8 (1983)
    179 6/8 (2001) 190 1/8 (2000)
    178 5/8 (2001) 189 3/8 (2000)
    176 7/8 (1997) 188 7/8 (1995)
    176 2/8 (1997) 188 3/8 (1999)
    175 4/8 (1991) 187 0/8 (1994)
    173 7/8 (1990) 186 4/8 (1994)
    173 1/8 (2001) 185 1/8 (1990)
    172 4/8 (1982) 185 1/8 (2003)
    172 2/8 (2001) 184 5/8 (2000)
    172 1/8 (1989) 184 5/8 (2001)
    172 0/8 (1995) 182 4/8 (1997)
    172 0/8 (1978) 182 2/8 (2000)
    172 0/8 (1982) 182 0/8 (1999)
    172 0/8 (2001) 182 0/8 (2002)
    171 3/8 (2001) 181 7/8 (1986)
    171 2/8 (1995) 181 5/8 (1968)
    171 0/8 (1985) 181 3/8 (1993)
    171 0/8 (1976) 181 3/8 (1993)
    170 6/8 (2001) 181 3/8 (1991)
    170 2/8 (2000) 181 2/8 (2002)
    169 1/8 (1976) 181 2/8 (1997)
    168 5/8 (1999) 181 2/8 (1997) not a typo
    168 2/8 (1995) 181 2/8 (1996)
    168 0/8 (1999) 180 7/8 (1999)
    168 0/8 (1999) 180 4/8 (1991)
    167 7/8 (1990) 180 1/8 (1995)

    Will hopefully have more time tomorrow to do some more...

    Oh yes, The above graphs do really show something that totally stands out to me...That the numbers of HRBP entries began to increase dramatically starting in 2002. Isn't that the year that the OBR began????? Your graphs are loaded by the way.

    I've said it at least one hundred times...The reason more bucks began to show up around 1997 is because some hunters were harvesting more does, which took pressure off of our bucks for the first time ever. LESS DEER+ MORE BALANCED BUCK:DOE RATIO=BIGGER BUCKS BEING HARVESTED. Your graphs don't prove what you think you are proving to people on this site. Nice try....again!!!

    Why is Illinois producing so many more giants than we are, and still have a two buck limit?????Can you graph why our neighbor is totally blowing us away, and has been for years and years and years??????
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  5. Indiana vs. Illinois Archery Non-Typicals

    If the typical list didn't "convince" anybody of anything, then feast your eyes on this list... I'll make this just the top 20 in each state.

    Indiana Illinois

    212 3/8 (1988) 266 4/8 (2003)
    206 2/8 (2003) 254 6/8 (2001)
    203 7/8 (1987) 251 6/8 (1999)
    199 3/8 (1990) 250 4/8 (2000)
    196 6/8 (1987) 245 5/8 (1981)
    195 4/8 (1982) 238 0/8 (1995)
    193 6/8 (1979) 234 4/8 (2000)
    193 4/8 (1996) 234 1/8 (1995)
    193 4/8 (1999) 233 6/8 (1999)
    192 7/8 (1979) 232 4/8 (1993)
    192 6/8 (1994) 231 4/8 (1986)
    190 3/8 (1999) 230 6/8 (1984)
    187 5/8 (1986) 229 0/8 (1995)
    186 1/8 (1992) 227 5/8 (2002)
    185 5/8 (1977) 226 6/8 (2000)
    185 0/8 (2001) 225 4/8 (1993)
    182 6/8 (1996) 224 0/8 (1989)
    181 6/8 (1990) 222 7/8 (1989)
    181 3/8 (1984) 222 5/8 (1994)
    180 1/8 (2001) 220 6/8 (1979)

    ????????? Why is this?? How could this be??
  6. You fellas are making deer hunting way too political, come out from behind the podium and watch a Monster Bucks video or clean your tackle box out.
  7. Everyone one here is correct.

    1) Moving the gun season and shortening it would work wonders. Look at Iowa, Illinois, and Ohio. However, I feel this is the hardest thing to get passed through legislation. So hard in fact that I have quit talking about it. If anything we are going the other way with a possible early youth black powder season, etc. etc.

    2) The OBR is working. People with great hunting spots and lots of cover like places in Noble county, Stueben county, and southern Indiana may not see a difference from the OBR. However the guys hunting small timber pockets out in the flatlands have found heaven with this new rule. Why can't the big timber guys go along with it? Their hunting hasn't gotten worse. If it is that important for you to be able to shoot 2 140 class deer than let me propose something very controversial (also something I don't agree with). Make the OBR county dependent like the doe harvest. Look at the record book and if they record high numbers of big ones then eliminate the OBR. If they don't, keep it in. Sorry Noble county, you don't have a chance. (This ought to get some good discussion going, huh boys)

    3) The doe harvest has helped too. Meat hunters took pressure off the bucks and I know this let some live and get older as Cut N Shoot is showing with his up swing in HRB bucks. However I think this trend is turning upwards faster now due to the OBR. I am ok with shooting a few does, but I am still not convinced with hitting them as hard as the DNR allows. Answer me this. As far as I know, Ohio is allowed 1 buck and 1 to 2 does per hunter for the entire season. With this doe harvest much lower than ours how do they keep from being eaten out of house and home with the exploding deer population it would create? Why do they still take big deer?

    4) Antler restrictions would work too. Look at Pennsylvania and Kentucky. However again I think this would be impossible to pass in legislation, hard to enforce, and very difficult to explain/teach to my 8 year old son when he is looking to tag his first buck in a couple of years.

    Just my observations.
  8. I have to agree that the gun season falls at the worst time possible if you are looking at managing your herd. This is a season when every weekend warrior is out in the field pushing deer from farm to farm, shooting at deer running full bore accross open fields. Most of the bucks are taken opening weekend. Most years the gun season comes in right during the beginning stages of the full rut. A very bad time of year if your a mature buck with a clouded mind set. Kinda like 3 am at the local pub, guys chasing anything they can find LOL

    If gun hunters are really serious about our mature buck population, then they would not mind if the gun season be moved, shortning isn't really fair, but moving it 2 weeks one way or the other would help the buck population. I mean bow hunters gave up a buck tag, now its time for gun hunters (I included) to buck up (no pun intended) and do their part to help our state mature buck population.
  9. 90% of the hunting land in Indiana is private.

    If a landowner/leaser wnat the gun season out of the rut all they have to do is not hunt it.
  10. Dean

    As an industrial safety specialist for umpteen years I found out rather handily that you do not compare on entity against another to guage progress. Too many varibles.

    Illinois has a two buck syetm and back not too long ago archers could buy as many buck tags as they wanted.

    We need to compare with OURSELVES to see where we are going, not someone else.

    I also believe you said soemething about Michigan and their second bcuk being a restricted antler and them not measuring up to us. Isn't Michigan's rule two bucks with any weapon? IOW - They can kill two with a gun if they wanted to. Another variable.
  11. I don't lease 1000 acres. Bucks move off my 70 acres and get hit by a slug during the rut whether I'm hunting or not.
  12. So you are suggesting that I can then hunt with my shotgun, long-range pistol during bow season, or muzzleloader season??..............and the 90% of privately owned land is hunted 100% by the actual land owner.....nobody else??........or are you suggesting that the people that hunt on this 90% of private land stop hunting if they do not agree with the state set hunting seasons??......or are you suggesting that the people of Indiana that rely on private landowners to let them in to hunt just stop hunting on the state set dates, but then hope the state sets a different time for them to use their "firearm" weapon somewhere in the future??? Or are you suggesting that you do not acknowledge state set set dates as what has the most impact across the state and we can actually get those "permission dependant" hunters to accept the fact that we private landowners will not let them hunt during a state set season??

    Please elaborate on what you mean here............I can only guess what it implies.
  13. So you are trying to tell us that as a person that relies on data to make decisions, you only took into account what happened on the inside of your company and not what was happening at "outside/other" companies to determine if you were "successful" in what you were measuring?????


    I think it's pretty clear that internal and external benchmarks/data are what help us make the best, clearest, most educated and rational decisions. But.......if your "internal company" has already self determined that they have the "best, clearest, most educated and rational decision" making process in place...............

    Prepare to live in a bubble and reap the consequences of your bubble environment.........and the "bubble city" will be named AGONY.

    But some like that I guess.:rolleyes:
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  14. You completely missed it.

    The state does not mandate that anyone must have a gun season at all on their property.In fact in some places the landowner/leaser ground is bow only.

    Some landowners don't even allow hunting at all.

    The state sest the parameters by which we must stay within, but we can go LESS, if we want to.

    Again - if you own land and don't want to gun hunt the rut - DON'T..

    But don't try to force others to gun hunt out of the rut with a new state mandated rule if you don't already do it yourself.

    To do otherwise is hypocritical.
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  15. No, what I am saying is that you can look what others are doing but to say that every state (or company) should have the same results is idiotic. WAY TOO many varables involved.

    Comparing office workers and foundaries workers and saying that the heat stress cases should be the same is an example. Extreme , but an example.

    BTW Dean...

    Are you saying if we got to a two buck rule like Illinois we can get whoppers too.You know that they can kill two bucks WITH A GUN OVER THERE??
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