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Hoosier Record Buck Program

Discussion in 'Indiana Whitetail Hunting' started by Silverdog, Jul 17, 2007.

  1. The version of this book that I have only has entries through 2003. When does a new one come out? Or has it already?
  2. I think that at least one version has been published since then...maybe 2.

  3. Aren't you a scorer? Don't you know when the books come out? Geez!
  4. Shut up Randy!!!!!!:mad:

    I've got a photographic's just that this time the film got exposed somehow.
  5. Thanks "Donny Baker". I guess calling John Bogucki would be the easiest way to get it? I emailed him about a week ago but never got a response.
  6. We hope the film is the only thing that may become exposed!!

  7. Note to self: Knock my grandpa out the next time I see him.

  8. Silverdog, You'll have better luck contacting John via telephone.

    John Bogucki
  9. Dean, what was your email address again,I have a question I'd like to see if you have the answer to. Thanks
  10. Thanks Dean.....I talked to John on the phone. It turns out, I do have the latest version. They are putting together the new one this fall to be ready by the expo in Feb.

  12. Yes, I found out from Joe Bacon yesterday that the 2004-2006 version of "Recollecting Nature's Miracles" would have all bucks that were turned in through the 2003 season. Keep in mind that some bucks that were shot that year might not have made it IF they weren't measured, turned in, and logged into the program by the cut off date (not exactly sure when that was). I guess that the latest edition will be available in the spring of 2008. The money used for the books is generated from the scoring fees ($10/buck) that we take in for scoring bucks. Other than that the HRBP is made up of volunteers who just love deer, deer hunting, etc. Joe could answer this one too...some of the funds used might come from the IDHA (Indiana Deer Hunter's Association) as well. That's just a guess on my part though.
  13. Funding

    The Hoosier Record Book Program has never been intended to "make money", just support its self. In the past the IDHA has fronted the money to produce the book, then repayed in installments. Charges for scoring deer at the Deer & Turkey Expo have been used for expenses at that show, materials as well as food & drink supplied to the scorers. John Boguki is also repayed for any phone, travel, equipment and postage associated with the program.

    Just yesterday I mnailed a check of $1400.00 each from the Hoosier Record Book Program and Indiana Deer Hunters Association To IDNR to purchase one(1) Archery in Schools Program that will be placed in an Indiana High School. This is everything needed for a school to introduce kids to archery and hopefully gain more hunters in the future. Bows arrows targets backstops, everything to set up a range inside the school, pretty cool! It our plan that the HRB and IDHA will purchase a program each year in the future.

    We are putting money and effort into the future of hunting.......

    And Dean is correct a new book in February 08, as we get more entries, more pages. We are trying to keep a handle on pricing and anticipate no changes in retail costs.
  14. Thanks Joe. I feel it might be appropriate to offer anyone who isn't currently a member of IDHA the opportunity to join as you all can see that it is for a good cause...or, rather, many good causes.

    I'm not sure if I can start a thread for anyone to join the IDHA on this site. (Steve????).

    Joe, can you give the good folks on here some info., or your e-mail address?
  15. [​IMG] Good work Joe. Very cool indeed!:coolgleam