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Hoosier Record Buck Question?

Discussion in 'Indiana Whitetail Hunting' started by Rauch, Mar 6, 2006.

  1. Hey guys,

    I got a quick question regarding the record book program. I recently had one of my deer heads scored at the Indy Deer and Turkey Expo. It scored 145 3/8 typical which the scorer said was good enough to make into the record book program. He said that I would receive a certificate from the state saying that it was in the book. Is this book published or how does this process work. Does anyone know how long it takes to get the certificate? Do you get anything else?

    Also, since I harvested the deer with a muzzleloader it was big enough to make the National Muzzle Loading Long Gun Record Book program which I entered it into. Does anyone know what or if anything you get for this.

    The scorer was a really nice guy and took his time scoring my deer, however I just can't remember what he told me I will get for entering my deer into the record book program.

    Any help would greatly be appreciated.

    Josh Rauch
  2. Josh.....Once the scorer turns in the info from your buck you will receive a certificate in the mail for your record book buck, I got mine approx. 1-2 weeks after the final score was done. The books are only put out every 3 years I believe. The new book will come out in Feb. 07 is what I was told with updated records. You will have to buy the book and I think they are something like $10-$15. They will have them at the Expo next year or you can contact a scorer and they can hook you up with the info. I don't know anything about muzzleloader records. You must not have had Dean Weimer as your scorer if the scorer was a really nice guy, plus Dean only scored one deer during the Expo ( knew all this was coming when you read Josh's post!!!...didn't you???)

    Congrats Josh!


  3. Muzzleloader book

    It takes about 6 months to get your certificate from the Longhunter Society.... they are kinda slow.
  4. HRBP book

    Hi Josh, first I have to do some damage recovery. You must remember that my "friend" Treehugger is joking with you. I did more than one rack at the show. I was there on Sat. and Sun.
    I also need to clarify one of the things you said in your statement/question. You mentioned something about the State, which needs corrected...The State has nothing to do with the HRBP, unlike practically every state surrounding us (but, that's another story). The HRBP is made up of unpaid volunteers, and is Chaired by John Bogucki, of N. Liberty, who is a H.S. teacher.
    Joe, etc. will back this up...John is a meticulous individual who busts his tail to keep this program going. I guarantee you that your HRBP certificate won't be long in coming. You have to remember that he works full-time, in addition to his duties as head of the program. I'd wager that your Indiana certificate will be there soon.
    As far as the Longhunter's Soc. certificate, you might want to give Scott Werstler a private message, as he might be able to tell you how long that will take.
    Who scored your buck for you???

    You can contact John at 1-574-656-4271 for questions about the new books...keep in mind that he is a teacher and won't usually get home until after 4.
  5. Thanks guys for all the help. I was just curious and didn't know what I should be expecting.

    Mr Weimer,
    Mr. Kevin Bumbalough scored my deer. He took his time and was very nice and helpful in helping me fill out the paper work.

    That's really neat that someone takes the time to do this for all of the hunters that are out there.

  6. Did I read this right Dean, He called you MR. Weimer. HA!HA!HA! (Just joking).
    Most of the scorers do take there time and do it right and also they enjoy what they are doing. We know its not for the money. OR is it guys?
  7. Patience my young deer hunter!!!

    Kevin is an excellent scorer so just be patient, O.K. Josh?/ You're hooked up!!
  8. Indiana record scorers

    Who can I contact to get my buck scored for the Indiana Record Book Program in or near Monroe County?
  9. I got my cert from the NMLRA in about 8 weeks this past spring. I think it cost $25.

  10. I am in Bartholomew Co, if you need to get one measured, or Alan Baxter is in Monroe Co.

    PM me if you want
  11. Yeah, my dad and I still need to get our bucks from 2007 scored. Need to look up someone from Hendricks County.

    Congrats on the nice deer and getting into the books!