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hoovey lake

Discussion in 'Indiana Waterfowl Hunting' started by southern indiana hunter, Nov 9, 2006.

  1. does anyone know where are some good spots to hunt this lake.
  2. i went last year for my first and last time.not saying didn't see birds seen all kinds but didn't fire a shot.i hear that a-4 for is one of the best spots.good luck;)

  3. Hovey Lake Memories

    I have hunted Hoveys but it was years ago. Blind #10 was always a good one to get. But I am not sure if the IDNR has kept the same numbering system over all those years.

    My old next door neighbor still hunts hovey with his kid and brothers. I saw them at Hovey's on the last day of duck/goose season last Feb 2005. They were the only ones still out on the lake and came in with several ducks.

    The problem with Hovey's is all the hunters in one area. Too many eager hunters and not enough ducks to hunt.

    Best times to hunt duck and geese is when the weather is so fowl you can't see far. The birds are forced to eat more to stay warm and they can't fly too far because of reduced visibilty.

    Just don't be the one that has to row the boat out to the blind as you will get all sweaty and freeze to death. Either use a trolling motor or a small gasoline motor to get out to the blinds on the lake.

    I wish that someone at IDNR would revise the Hovey Lake Maps. The lake is much bigger than the maps show.