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Hope to be rid of the One-Buck-Rule??????? Please!!!!

Discussion in 'Indiana Whitetail Hunting' started by Dean Weimer, Jul 6, 2006.

  1. O.K. We recently saw an anti-OBR thread that hasn't gotten any good feedback. It's clear that the majority of those who come to are in favor of it. Not everyone, but a clear majority. In the poll it seemed that nearly 84% of those who have voted (83.7 % of the 92 indivuals) were in favor of it. Tell us why everyone!!! It's a nobrainer, but educate the others as to why you're in favor of it.......
  2. OBR is only a small step in the right direction. Its not the answer. That nice LONG gunseason is the problem. You could eliminate OBR if the state addopted better regulations. :lol:

  3. I Have Passed The Shoot Everything Phase Of My Hunting Career. When I Had Just Begun Deer Hunting, The General Mentality Was To Shoot Every Deer That You Saw( Generally Speaking), Now That I Have A Few Seasons , And A Few Deer,under My Belt, Shooting Something For The Sake Of Killing Something Does Not Intrest Me. I Want To Spend My Time In The Woods Looking For Something Majestic, Something That, When Shot, Will Give Me, A Real Sense Of Satisfaction, A Job Well Done.
    With The State Implementing The Obr, A Step For Putting More Mature Bucks In The Woods Has Been Given Us, It Might Not Be My First Choice Of Achieving The Desired Result, But, It Is The Tool That We Have To Work With.

    I Do Not Regret The Young Or Inexperienced Hunter Shooting A Small Buck, But Experienced Hunters Should Let Small Bucks Pass. Do Not Shoot A Basket Six Pointer, Just To Be Able To Tell Your Buddies Back At Work That You Killed A Buck. If You Want Or Need The Meat, Shoot A Doe-they`re Better Eating Anyhow.
  4. opertunities!!...........the thought of a mature whitetail buck in my area i hunt is a dream come true. as i sit in my stand and watch young bucks healthy and majestic in their own right wonder what they will be the next yr. it's such a blessing to think of the year and a half and two yr. olds i saw last yr. i've thought about them almost daily what they'll be this yr. if they made it through gun season. i can't wait for the middle of oct. on with 3 weeks vacation for the pre-rut and rut. my goal is to make pope and young before i retire. where i hunt on a military base will be my best shot. in bow season it is a wilderness full of pope and young class deer and a few booners all to myself. i have no interest in a small imature buck except to watch and learn. if i ever killed a small one which i have no interest and then seen big boy i sure wouldn't whine about it. at the same time i have to say if i saw a small buck suffering i wouldn't waste my tag on it either. too much time and money and cyote's have to eat too. mabe the OBR isn't the only answer but it's what we've been delt. as long as there's a diverse age group of bucks there's always going to be trophy class bucks maturing yearly coming up through the ranks. where's the confusion in that? i swear i don't understand.
  5. Well I will tell you, I did shoot any buck that walk by when I was young and only had the weekends to hunt. Then it hit me in the head, Dumb & Dumber if you keep shooting every buck that walks by there will always little racks. So I started letting the young bucks walk and guess what now it a lot more fun that I know there is some big bucks in my area too. OBR works
  6. Rowdy



    "oldbuckkiller" has made me a believer in the OBR, I dont think I could ever agree with anything that guy said.

    How in the world does that guy get internet service?

    I read all of his posts...goodnight, im going to bed stoopider.


    right after I install a new rapid fire trigger on my "musseloder".
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  7. OBR is doing great by me im still seeing plenty of basket rack deer but now im seeing alot of bigger bucks in the places i hunt (strange thing let a small buck pass by and next year he'll be bigger ,,,,, i never made the connection!!!!!!!!!:bonk:
  8. Thanks Mr. Obvious, Your a life saver!:bowdown:
  9. Even Mr. Obvious would not believe the difference a 7 day split gun season would make! :lol:
  10. Seeing more bucks and bigger bucks each year. Now I know I have a chance at a mature buck each year (what I want) and my son will have a better chance at an antlered buck when he starts hunting (what any kid starting out wants).
  11. i love to read his post because they always turn out hellarious. it's like a comedy tour.
  12. Because it works, Size does Matter!!!
  13. Posted my reply under front page polls before I saw this post, here it is.

    Originally Posted by Dean Weimer
    Dr. James C. Kroll, and other top biologists agree...."It's better to shoot too many does, than not enough." Whitetails are prolific breeders, and will rebound rapidly. Moral of the story? Light 'em up!!! The third infantry could come through Indiana and not get them all. There are more deer out there than people think there are.


    Here is a link to an article that explains just how easily doe populations can get out of control.

    Also male and female whitetail deer have evolved as almost 2 different species in the habitat that both prefer and how they develop social status. Does stay within the original confines of where they were reared while males are meant to stray off into bachelor groups. This is how genetic material is mixed up for optimal diversity and survival. Does have a heirarchy based upon oldest to youngest while bucks have to fight to be the dominant one of the group. Does seek out areas that balance cover and food sources for lactating and protecting fawns while bucks seek optimum areas of nutrition to build mass and bone to be the dominant member of the group. When there are too many does in a population, the two habitats spill into each other and niether can reach their potential. Bucks learn the heirarchy of the bachelor group by observing and getting a butt kicking by 3 1/2 to 5 1/2 year old deer. When a bachelor group consists of 1 1/2 and 2 1/2 year old bucks, there are no real dominant males and the spreading of genetic material is diluted because the strongest may not be the ones who are breeding. Couple that with too many does to breed and a buck goes into the winter depleated of energy and habitat and eventually succumbs to the effects of winter. Does need to be taken out and a ratio of 2:1 needs to be maintained. Maintaining this ratio is done by the OBR by giving outlaws a lower legal amount to take. It is like mandating a 55 MPH speed limit when you know people are going to go 65. The people who go faster will think twice about going 75. Those are the bucks that will be around next year along with the folks that let the smaller bucks pass. Then you have the people who will obey the law and take one antlered deer leaving bucks they would have taken with multiple buck tags to be around next year. Antler restrictions could also help with the age structure but it is too easy for someone to shoot a spike thinking it had min point requirements plus I would want my kids to be able to take a small antlered deer if they wanted to for their first, that is why i think the OBR is the best option. You have 1 buck tag, make it count. Clear and to the point.

    just my $0.02

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  14. Long gun season? Don't quite grasp that concept. Which season are you referring to? Muzzle Loader or Shotgun? If it is Shotgun, could you please enlighten me as to why 2 weeks out of 52 weeks in a year is too long? What would the "proper" length of the gun season? Inquiring minds are curious.