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hope to be rid of the one buck rule

Discussion in 'Indiana Whitetail Hunting' started by oldbuckkiller, Jul 5, 2006.

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  1. oldbuckkiller

    oldbuckkiller Banned

    I don't think the on buck rule is working if you want to see why just go to my web sites museum page @ and look at my grandpa's deer most of them are what we would call small but if any of you remember you could only shot one buck then in the 1990's we could take two then recently the dnr went to one again. the way i see it you miss out on the bigger buck that come in to your stand i had that happen to me last shotgun season i could of had one small racked buck and the moster buck we only dream of. so i hope they let us take two bucks.
  2. hmm thats an interesting position you take. Lets look at it a little differently. Because you couldnt shoot both deer, you essentially left one to live on and pass his genes around the woods to as many receptive does as possible. I understand you were frustrated that you couldnt shoot both, but if you were to show restraint on that little one then you could have had the bigger. By letting the little one pass and killing the bigger you left a deer; that was not mature and probably not yet to his potential, in the woods and around for another year becoming that bigger deer in a year or two. It makes sense if you stop and think about it.

  3. If we go back to the 2-buck rule, and many deer that get taken in your area are not "big" deer, what does that do to your taxidermy business? Wouldn't your business suffer because of it, if people are taking small bucks? If you truly wanted to take a deer that "we always dream about" then why would you shoot a small one knowing that you can only take 1 buck? If you keep doing the same old things the same old way you end up getting the same old results. Sorry to sound like I may be coming off a little harsh on this subject but the logic you use in your argument doesn't stand up in my opinion. But hey, thanks for voicing your opinion on the subject and good luck with the taxidermy business.
  4. I think any deer harvested is something to be proud of, a lot of work goes into each one. I also think we all have our own set of standards, and the deer on your websight sure looked like the typical indiana deer of the past, no width and short tines. I don't mean any disrespect, just saying to me that I would have let them walk. I also believe I've seen a difference in the quality of deer in the woods that I hunt, and would bet it's souly due to the OBR.
  5. There Has Been A Time Or Two That I Wished I Had Not Already Used My Buck Tag, When I Saw Another Come By. However, I Have Noticed Seeing More And Bigger Bucks Since The Implementation Of The One Buck Rule.

    I Would Prefer A Minimum Size Limit And Allow An Archery Buck And A Firearms Buck, But Nobody Asked Me. The Obr, Since It Is The Only Thing We Have, Is Better Than Nothing.
  6. So, when we revert back to the two-bucks-per-year rule, will you shoot two small-racked bucks and then kick yourself because you missed out on an opportunity at a monster and then claim we need to go to three bucks per year?
  7. Is this guy serious?

    Is it old buck killer or bocephus? Either way, let's hear who you are and your background, etc. Otherwise, most hunters on this site won't take you seriously.

  8. WHAT A JOKE....wake up and smell the ROSES.....DON't SHOOT THE FIRST DEER YOU SEE.:coco:
  9. I find your handle "Old Buck" killer to seem rather oxymoronish...the bucks your grandpa took were immature, as are most of the ones (I assume) you've shot over the years. In short "oldbuckkiller" you're shooting young bucks. If your grandpa would've hunted longer then maybe he'd have probably had a chance at a buck older than the 1.5 year-olds you've got hanging in your museum. The ONe Buck Rule is working magnificantly...if you pass up those immature bucks, shoot does for meat, and be patient, then you'll shoot a big buck. Remember, all big bucks were once dinky, immature bucks....
  10. oldbuckkiller

    oldbuckkiller Banned

    if you all would remember back in the seventies if you saw a buck you shot it. deer are not as populated as they are now. i have a friend who lives in the south the dnr down there just put a daily bag limit on deer for this year two bucks and unlimited does just to keep population down. as well i have couted 756 deer dead on the road 75% of them bucks so what does this tell us. i put a pull on about doe tags i have 100% of the vote going to doe tags only. when 2007 deer season gets here i hope to take a buck in each firearm season shotgun and mussleloader. just my opinion. and by the way your looking at deer that have been hair and antler aged at 3 1/2 yrs old.
  11. South of where???
  12. i think as a taxidermist you should at the very least eximine the logic of the OBR at the price of a good shoulder mount between 300 and 400 dollars. i think you would get more mounts of trophy caliber say 130 and up than mounts ranging from spikes to basket racks. the obr doesn't deny anyone the right to take a young buck but when one does no one wants to hear a person whine about it. no disrespect intended. i think you as a taxidermist should go to the next ITA compitition and talk to the taxidermist there and let them tell you why the OBR has helped their business. just from a business aspect. then if you look at it from a renewable resource aspect you'll start to get the whole picture, especially with the liberal doe tags available. do some history on the different age groups and what benifets it has to a deer herd and where your particular herd is and where you would like it to go then judge the OBR.
  13. He must be talking south of the OHIO River somewhere, because anywhere south of both forks of the White rivers in southern Indiana is news to me!
  14. Feels like a hoax/troll post to me guys...............:16suspect
  15. Who will be the first to comment on the "most scientific" way to age deer. There are quite a few who know this subject a whole lot better than I so I will let them handle it!
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