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horn rattleing

Discussion in 'Indiana Bowhunting' started by scrapewatcher, Aug 14, 2006.

  1. i am determined to try it this yr for the 1st time.
    1. what is the best time of yr. and time of day?
    2. what type of intervals between sequences ?
    3. how aggressive should you start out?
    4. any tips on your successes would be appreciated.
  2. 1) If you want to try some rattling in the early bow season remember to keep it light. Bucks might investigate what they think are two bucks "sparring". Very little early bow season fighting is anything more than two subordinate bucks testing each other out. Rarely do these sparring matches result in all out brawls. Most of the early "fighting" is nothing more than some light sounding antler to antler contact.

    In my opinion, the best time to rattle is anytime you see a lone buck cruising for a hot doe. I've found that the best time to do this is right before the rut gets going. I've seen lone bucks cruising from woodlot to woodlot looking for the first estrus does. The bigger bucks will normally investigate any "fighting", but keep in mind scrapewatcher that they'll circle downwind. A decoy and scent will help seal the deal.

    2) Generally, a sequence should be shorter--say 10-30 seconds. I've had my best luck rattling in lone bucks that I actually see, so shorter is better. Do it just long enough to get their attention, but don't overkill the situation, and don't overcall. I've learned this through trial and error.

    3) I wouldn't start real aggressive, even during the rut. But, the individual mood and breeding status of the buck in question could call for a change of "aggressiveness".

    4) My best advice is try to rattle in a buck during the late pre-rut (Oct. 25-Nov.2-6) that you've actually spotted a distance aways. If you're in an area with a good buck:doe ratio and have several mature bucks then "blind" calling can be a good bet too.

    It's a learning experience Scrape.....trial and error. These tips should help....

  3. In Early Oct. Just Tickle Them Together, I Usually Do This About One Time Per Hr. Best Time To Do This Is If You Can See The Buck To See How He Reacts To It I Also Grunt Once Or Twice When Done , I Rattle For About 1 Minute At This Time Of Year, As Oct Moves Along Get Progressively More Agressive With The Horns, By Oct20th I Startgetting Real Aggressive With Them Till The Rut Starts I Then Start Grunting Every 15 Min.end Of Oct I Will Rattle For 2 To 3 Minutes Starting With A Grunt/weese Then Rattle Then Grunt Call Several Times At The End Keep Your Eyes Peeled The Whole Time They Come Fast And Usually From Downwind, Your Buck/doe Ratio Will Deterimine How Well Rattling Will Work For You Good Luck!!!!!!!note: If Using Reel Horns File The Tips They Hurt On Cold Hands I Also Like To Turn The Horns Back To Back Works Better For Me , Use The Biggest Horns You Can
  4. Good information gang, what a site, others helping others that is what we need
  5. Careful doing this close to home Tuck, them goats will make a B-line straight to your blind!:evilsmile
  6. come on tuck what did i ever do to you!! does this mean i am officially one of the gang!!lol
  7. Rowdy


    I'll be trying rattling for the first time this year also....good post.