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House Committee meeting

Discussion in 'Questions about Indiana Hunting/Fishing Laws' started by jackc99, Feb 10, 2007.

  1. AGENDA FOR: Natural Resources
    MEETING: February 14, 330PM, 156B

    CHAIR: Representative Bischoff
    MEMBERS: Cheatham, Grubb, L. Lawson, Pflum, Stemler. Ulmer R.M.M., T. Brown, Cherry, Eberhart, Gutwein.
    AGENDA: HB 1065 HB 1299 HB 1762

    HB1299 is the senior fishing license bill. Several folks worked very hard to get this bill heard. Please support for future generations of Indiana fishermen.

  2. The amended bill passed committee 8-0. It now goes to the House floor for a vote. A similar bill has passed the Senate twice already so things are looking good. They did amend the bill to grandfather in a bunch of people. The new licence will only affect those born after March 31, 1943.


  3. The reason this bill is important is because of the federal matching dollars the state receives for selling the number of licensed fisherman. Even if they only charge 3 bucks to the seniors they will get 8 or 10 more in federal match dollars per license per year.
  4. If these federal matching dollars are so important, and I know they are, then why on another post on here on another thread was it stated that we currently have federal duck stamp dollars that we are not claiming therefore other states are gobbling up the money???
  5. Here Tree...

    Here is the Quote..."A couple of Indiana legislators, for the past four years, have refused to take the state's share of federal duck-stamp dollars. These sidetracked duck bucks wound up in other states' fish and wildlife coffers."...can someone explain this??? Or is it even True ????:coco:
  6. I will talk to my people and find out about the duck stamp thing.
  7. I'm unaware of federal duck stamp dollars going uncollected. I can't imagine the reasoning for not accepting the money. Can you direct me to the source of this info?