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How about it ???

Discussion in ' Outing Forum' started by sam, Sep 15, 2005.

  1. Seems like theres plenty of members here, whens this site going to have an outing ??? Fall is right around the corner, if you plan something now theres still time to have one before winter sets in !!!
  2. that will take time away from hunting sammy! i got one for ya...why dont you invite the boys here to the braggin' rights tourney? make it a three way meet, but i must warn ya...there are some serious ice fishermen here. at the least you could try recruiting some of the members!!!!!!!!take care.....:biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin:

  3. Where will this ice fishing tourny be held? What spiecies do you fish for?

    If it is not to far from me, i got 3 or 4 people that i could bring with me to help you win that nice lookin trophy back from the shanty team. I checked it out on your site that is a nice lookin trophy. If you are still looking for a lake to fish Silver lake out side of angola has some really nice gills,crappie,bass, and northern in it.
  4. ccavacini

    ccavacini Super Mod Mod

    Sam, that really is a good idea. The problem, as Rico stated, is hunting. It's a worthwhile get together, but it's tough to figure out a time, place to satisfy everyone.
  5. i thought you were on the shanty team or does someone else go by your handle on the site? sam is from indiana info. last year the tournament was held at prarie creek reservoir on super bowl sunday. originally it was supposed to be held at morse reservoir in cicero. the year before it was held at summit lake(between muncie and new castle). last year, dont hold me to this, they had a panfish division and a everything else division. i cant tell you about the rules or money involved. most of the ice shanty guys are from central indiana and most of the indiana info guys are from southern indiana. not that there arent exceptions to both sides. but the rule of thumb is to have it at a place that is centrally located for both sides. but it also must have good ice, hence the change in venues last year...morse wasnt so good by the date set. one thing they take into consideration is facilities, they usually have a pot luck meal...when sam reads this he will be able to tell you a lot more about it than i can.....
  6. I use shanty and info but i have not decided who i am gonna fish for yet. I probably wont fish for either side. It all depends on how far away it is. I understand that they have it at a central location. Thanks for the info .
  7. Ice Outing


    I wasn't really thinking about the ice outing when i posted this, i thought the site admin. here might take an active role in this and get something put together before winter, but since its been brought up, i'll explain about it.
    The info site and Ice Shanty started this a couple years back. We try and do this every year on Superbowl Sunday, ice and weather conditions allowing it.
    We do have two catagories, 1. panfish (bigg'est) 2. Bigg'est other fish of any type. Fish are measured for length, and not wieghted.
    It is five dollars to get into the contest for one of the catagories above or ten dollars to get into both of them. 100% payout. Pay out is depending on how many anglers attend.
    The contest starts about 7:00 am and ends about 3:00 pm giving everyone time to get home and watch the game.
    Last year was at Prairie Creek, and i was really surprised by the amount of catfish caught through the ice.
    Location has not been choosen for this yet. Like last year we were going to have it at Morse, but no ice. At the sametime Prairie Creek had a good 8 inch'es of ice, so its a little early to pick locations yet. Date maybe changed also depending on weather and ice conditions, but will be held in central Indiana. If theres no good ice in central Indiana we might move this up north.
    We do have a trophy that is passed back and forth to the winning club.
    As far as this site getting into the contest, i would have to get in touch with Ice Shanty to see what they think about it, and the admin. of this site would have to help out and participate in the event.
    We do have a pitch-in dinner.
    Its still way to early to think much about ice fishing and i'll up-date this as it gets closer.
    In the meantime, the Indiana Info site will be having its fall outing at Cataract on October 7, 8 and 9th.
    The Catfish & Carp site will also be having an overnight contest at Turtle Creek i think on October 22.
    We would like to extend an invitation to everyone here to attend. It is free except for the park fees.
    I'm hoping i've got everything on here right, just posting off the top of my head, but thats the basic stuff.