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How about these numbers?

Discussion in 'Indiana Whitetail Hunting' started by CutNShoot, Feb 7, 2006.

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  1. Is this not a good trend?

  2. What a post!!!!

    Now here is a person who says you can't pick one point to look at a trend, yet he goes back to 1981!!!

    1981 when does were not allowed to be taken, talk about "ancient history"!

    CutnShoot, please do put this in your "powerpoint presentation", I'll cut it to pieces!

    Let's look at the trend, lets look at three year averages, I'll even throw out 2005 as an anomily(but I don't think so).

    2002-2004 DECREASE! in 1 1/2 year old harvest

    1999-2001 INCREASE in 1 1/2 year old harvest!!

    You yourself said 1996 was brown and down, one year we reduced the herd,(aint much on deer management are you?). But you want to ride that horse, then reduction in 1 1/2 year following two years would equate to fewer does and fewer young bucks.

    I would like to challenge you to provide all your data to QDMA, I'll get you set up and let them analize it, we have a deal?

    I'll also give you a name there to ask about their position on the OBR in Indiana and is it QDM..........

    Now without agreeing, well just another opinion, and we all know what that is like........ WW

  3. CutNShoot, are you related to Ross Perot? And do you travel with bar and pie graphs?
  4. The only trend we see from you CutnShoot is your agenda that is full of holes when it comes to your feeble attempts to do away with OBR so you can still shoot 2 bucks on your large lease that already had big bucks there before you are stuck shooting one so the rest of the hunters in the state have a fighting chance to experience some trophy bucks at an increased you already had before OBR.

    Your agenda is transparent................and I'm sure we will still be subject in here to your "Thundering Around" with "shallow, feeble, misleading numbers and statements" that have little to do with what is good for many.............but very good for you.

    Sick of it.
  5. Forget 1981. Pick out what ever years you want.

    Is this a good trend or not?

    A simple question asks for a simple answer..

    Yes or no?
  6. "I'm all ears..." - Ross perot.. ;)
  7. "Large lease"? Too funny....No lease - and definelty not "large".

    Yes, I just love affirmative action, don't you?

    This is almost like deer welfare.

    Take away from the guys that put in the time and effort to be successful deer hunters and give to the ones that don't.

    If some hunters cant kill the big bucks that are already out there (proven by the graphs of jbwhittail's numbers) we need to get the state to mandate some rules to spread the harvest to others. Just EXACTLY what Jim Mitchell said it would do.

    Maybe we can get the state to buy these guys some deer from Bellar's place.

    Who are you quoting with the quotation marks around - "Thundering Around" and "shallow, feeble, misleading numbers and statements" ??

    You do understand what the use of quotation marks are for don't you? They are not used to emphasize you OWN words, but rather soemone else's.

    Then quit reading and responding..
  8. I'll read as I want.............and respond as I want.

    And for clarification on my was not to you. Everything I type is not about you. My response indicated that I saw a "trend" in you......and I typed out for others to read what my interpretation of the trend I saw in you. The post was for others......not yourself.

    Your "trend" makes me sick......and I and others make posts and read posts daily that we can and will comment about on these Forums as they bring "delight" or make us "sick".

    Pretty cool isn't it.:coolgleam

    You've been pegged.
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