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how bout any coon hunters

Discussion in 'Indiana Trapping and Varmint Hunting' started by coonhunter2244, Jan 6, 2005.

  1. Hey boys my name is bobby im 18 and live in the north part of indiana right by south bend in mishawaka. Boy do i love to coon hunting i have for dogs right now the first i my 4 year old walker male named nitech bobby's hard rock stylish flame he just turned 4 the 29 of december. I also have a 3 year walker male name pr' bugeyed hank jr boy your talking about a tree dog. I have a 2 year old walker female she is a nice dog trees lots of coon had problems stay but now i got here tuned in her name is bobby's hard rock stylish mandy. And last is my year old pup name bobby's hammering duke just now starting to tree with my other dogs. My nitech has real good blood lines and so does my feamle al grand but 1 in each and that his a nitech my males dad is grnitech hard cafe his mom is grnitech skiens dolly. My female is out of sacket and decans something i dont have the papers in front of me her dad is decans creek something i forget he is a real good dog if any of you live perty close like a 1 away lets go hunting some time well god bless and good hunting.
  2. Coon Doggin'

    Dang boy, you know how to name a dog don't ya!! They ever get in fights and you have to scream at em' to break em' up? Geeze, I can only imagine it sounds like a german auctioneer selling chineese phonebooks.

    Last time I got out we were testing my buddys new pup in action. He was less than impressive! Haha. At the first place the deck was stacked against him because before we turned the truck off we saw an opposum scurry across the road in front of us and when we shined the field it was full of deer. That makes it hard on a coon dog... the temptation is too high. So we moved on down the road and cut him loose again. We waited about 30 minutes before hearing him treed up behind us. When we broke through the brush he was standing in the middle of a county roadway treeing a dead possum! LOL!

    We loaded him up and my buddy decided to go borrow a coon dog from a friend to help him along. This pup is really young so perhaps he could learn a thing or two from a more experienced dog... right? Wrong. After we picked up the loaner dog (And helped the owner cape his deer out) we dropped the dogs a few miles down the road in a field. When their feet hit the ground the two dogs went opposite directions... the older more experienced dog "Molly" went east and treed a coon in 5 minutes while the pup "Max" went west and picked up a footchase with a deer that lasted three hours and covered two miles! LOL! Good thing we had the tracker on him.

    We popped the coon out for Molly, she was estatic and overjoyed because she hadn't been hunting in a few weeks. The coon was up a large oak tree, sitting in the fork about 40 feet off the ground. A round from a 22 Browning Buckmark brought him down with a real bad headache. He was an average sized coon with nice fur. We cut Molly loose again and intermidently checked up on Max but he was covering ground like a track star. Molly treed again but we found she was on a persimmon tree wich is very hard to get a coon out of... the dogs often tree slick on a persimmon tree so that's a forgivable mistake.

    This is my buddys kennel, we hunted with Max there in the middle but Molly isn't in this picture as she belongs to a neighbor.


    Here's Molly doing her thing while Max roamed the hillsides in another time zone.





  3. jd

    boy it sure is fun isent it i mean when you have a dog like molly thats what i got it so fun it looks like the pups need adjusting how old his he he might be to old and miture to want to run with the older dogs or he might be a idamendant dog witch mean he like to be of with his self witch is a good thing if he trees coon that means if you hutn him in hunts he will more than likely win because you dont have to worry about him getting in fights on the tree and getting you scrated from the hunt and he want slick tree. So he will have the coon witch is plus poits for you. What you need to do is show him a cage coon let him fight it then get another cage coon and show him it let him go crazy hold him back let the coon go where he can she it wait about 2 mintes turn him loss he should track and tree it shot it down to him praise him let him know his has done right if he dont tree tou need to work a dead coon with him or a cage coon tye him back drage the coon around let him go when he finds the coon shake it on the tree and he should bark praise him let him knew you are happy then you will have a coon dog it takes work. Now to break him of running trash you need to get a shock collar when he runs something other than a coon or trees opposm shock him set in on low and the more he does it turn it up he will learn i my only be 18 but i knew alot i have traned alot of coon dogs like this it works. Well nice talking to you keep in touch p.s where are you located at if not real fare we can go hunting sometime if you want.
  4. Coonin'

    Yeah we run a shock collar on the new ones... they work pretty well but they get collar smart sometimes. I'm trying to get some more caged coons for them now.. hard to come by this time of year though. We need to get them out in the woods more, this weather isn't cooperating at all though. Hopefully we'll have em' ready for next winter.