How did everyone fair trapping this year

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  1. This was my first year back trapping, first for trapping k9's full time . I ended up with:

    12 - Coyotes
    48 - Coon
    2 - Gray fox
    1 Red Fox
    4 - Muskrats
    1 - Beaver
    11 - Possums
    1 - Skunk.

    Next season I have gained permission on some great ground and I am setting my goals for:

    25 - Coyotes
    75 - Coon
    10 - Fox (gray/reds)
    50 - Muskrats
    12 - Beaver
    and as little possums and skunks as possible ;)
  2. Looks like you had agood year.How large of an area did you cover. Any idea how many miles you traveled. Any pics?

  3. Trapping

    BA...much market for skins these days? What do skins go for these days? Beyond the obvious fur industry, what are the uses for skins?
  4. What of traps do you use? That not a bad year for trapping these days with a lot of houses going up in prime trapping area. Good Luck this fall.
  5. [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]I used duke and sleepy creek 1.5's on the coon and fox, Bridger #2's on the coyotes
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  6. possum

    lots of possum:mad: not bad on coon :rolleyes: beaver ok:cool: did not set any snares with out snow i just never got motivated. to locate new areas check with co's for farmers with beaver problems, tile setters, ditching crews, county road crews, all of these people see beaver sign and can tell you who to contact. I have never been turned down and even better they come to me now that i have establish a name in my area.
  7. Sounds like you had a pretty good year. Especially for your first year back. I'm curious what do you do with the opposums? I use to skin them but I was lucky to get $2 for them. I only get to trap about 3 weeks and this past winter I turned out about 15 coon, 1 mink, and 2 coyotes. Not the best, but im happy with it for the little time I do have.
  8. angler103

    last year i sold possum for a buck a piece .this year they did not want them. i hate to waste fur and animals but the farms i trap have an abundance of them so i guess the population needed to be culled. I always say i will get serious about trappig the next year but deer hunting, chasing geese and of couse work always seem to take priority. This was the first year in many that i had trapping competion in my areas. I will talk sooner to the owners of the farms so this won't happen agian. The muskrats were down agian this year. I'm not sure what is going on. coyotes coon hawks and mink take alot of them but not to the this level. I did not set for them hoping they would have a good crop for this year. coons are way up, i will find sweet corn growers this summer and offer my services when they find how much damage they do. Question for you my traps are showing their age does waxing prevent rust or this just part of the buisness? keep on the trapping tradition there aren't enough of us. hope to hear from you agian. Dburris
  9. It truely does take a large time commitment. There are plenty of land owners that went those critters out of there so they are usually more then happy to let you on their property to trap. I've never really got into trapping muskrats too much. How much were they bringing last winter? About your question: Every year when I pull the traps I spray the springs with sentless lube. This is all I have ever done. I have heard of people using wax but I have never used it myself. I just assumed ageing traps were part of the business and they seem to hold up very well. What do you mostly use? Footholds/conibears/snares? I seem to favor conibears and often have the best luck with them.
  10. kill traps

    i use mostly kill traps but the leg holds in some sets. snares i started a couple of years ago for yotes and fox. last year without much snow sign was difficult to read. the famous bucket set for coon is still a mistery. not much success. i much rather set a 220 in a run thru brush or tall weeds. beaver likewise set most 330 in runs leave dens and feed stations alone. if you can locate old farm houses these are coon hotels! I had one 220 set that produced 13 before it went quiet. i wish i could attend the state trapping school but i cannot afford to be away from my buisnesses that long. If you have read other posts of mine finding fur is easy if you talk to people who are out in it every day. getting permission is usually very easy especially if the critters are daming creeks or eating the farmers grain. see ya dburris
  11. I was happy with my season, I caught 30 coyotes and about a dozen coon. My focus was spent mainly on coyotes but moreso on calling them than trapping... had a great time and can't wait until next year!