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How did I screw it up?

Discussion in 'Indiana Bowhunting' started by BGGooseKiller, Nov 4, 2006.

  1. I grunted in a nice buck Friday night and took at shot at no more than 6 yards , I was on the ground and thought I had a clear shot. I shoot, hear a sound that didn't sound good and watch the deer run 30 yards then keep walking. I can't find any blood and find about 6" of my arrow, no broadhead, no fletching, no blood. It's gets dark so I pull out and went back this morning. I find the back of my arrow and it is clean only the nock is gone. Found what I believed to be about five spots of dark blood and nothing else. I walked the woods and searched for blood for about an hour and a half more. I really think he was so close I shot under him but don't know. I am sick and am now gonna pratice shooting at super close range. Geez, I am really dissapointed in myslef.
  2. On close shots, typically hunters will shoot high rather than low, but every situation is different. Sorry to hear, but hopefully, you only startled him, and he'll walk by you again soon!

  3. i turkey hunt with my bow and have found that if you use your second or third pin @ ranges super close that you will nail it every time, sound stupid but it really works, try it, the reason it works is because of the distance between your pins and your arrow, at that close of range you arow hasent planed off yet, anyway that is what the boys at double bull say, i tried it last year on a longbeard shot him @ 5 yrds and used my 30 yrd pin, cut his head clean off. sure made findin' him alot easier than shootin one in the body, anyway hope this helps
  4. tough to say. i know any time in the heat of the moment it's hard to see little limbs and twigs that can deflect an arrow. happened to me last yr. on a nice buck in the rain about 20 yrds. saw a deer on the road last week had an arrow sticking out of it. looked like the broadhead was just under the skin and the arrow was just dangleing. probably a deflection caused the arrow not to get penetration. hang in there. hunt hard and wait for another oppertunity to come.
  5. I've always shot high on close ones, usually resulting in a single lung hit making it a bear to track. Did you shoot a fractured arrow?(carbon) It's hard to say...sometimes the deer gods frown on us humans. It keeps the playing field equal. Sorry about your loss though, I know the feeling.