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How do you hunt deer??

Discussion in 'Indiana Whitetail Hunting' started by coonslayer21, Sep 30, 2006.

How do you prefer to hunt deer

  1. Stand

  2. Spot and stalk

  3. Driving

  4. Float hunting

  1. Which hunting technique do u prefer??
  2. Hey your suppose top be on our team please dont let these guys see you ask questions like that.
    (I personally prefer the E -250 method)

  3. I picked driving. I usually drive around the farm I hunt and when I see a deer I'll get out of the pickup and start blastin.
  4. Indy, if you get one of the newer trucks, they have power windows, really will save you that step of having to actually get out of the truck at all, a real blessing on drizzly mornings.
  5. I'm just seeing what not to do u know they ain't going to bring in the bucks like we are :evilsmile :evilsmile :evilsmile
  6. Find a great funnel during the hard pre-rut to rut and wait patiently......
  7. Sorry, When the post was first up I did not see the polling station.:banghead3

    Looks like the stands are taking it.
    Just got mine outta storage, made the last run to Mier for some new cameo, doe pee.
    Gonna wash it up good tonight.(maybe I should wash em in doe pee:yikes: )
    Gonna set back and let you guys chase em into the funnels tomorrow,I'll be out Monday to tag em!

    Fixing to go online at DNR and get my tags,The line at for tags at Mier was absurd..... poor souls.....:cool:
  8. Gee,, I wonder who does the FLOAT hunts???:coolgleam :coolgleam :coolgleam Maybe I should add that option into my guide service, QUAIL, you know I have the right blind for it:mischeif: :mischeif: :mischeif:
  9. I don't think any body really float hunts. This summer i bought a jon boat and am thinking about giving it a try and tagging one of those big swamp bucks.
  10. Who was it who voted for the float hunting :confused:
  11. It would work! I may have to change my vote.
  12. I surely hope that was in jest, the local COs' that come to our Hunter Ed classes catagorically state that is a violation of the law, bigtime!
  13. How am I the guilty one??:mischeif: :mischeif: :mischeif: