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How high do you have your treestand?

Discussion in 'Frontpage Polls' started by Steve, Oct 29, 2005.

How high is your treestand?

  1. 0-10 feet

    6 vote(s)
  2. 10-20 feet

    48 vote(s)
  3. 20-30 feet

    26 vote(s)
  4. 30-40 feet

    3 vote(s)
  1. Steve

    Steve Admin Mod

    Let's take a poll.
  2. Just bought a new 15 foot ladder stand.

  3. i get ready for ice fishing. I set on the ground. Behind natural cover on a bucket. not much for hights
  4. It's not the high it the fall :dizzy:
  5. i have two tree stands in my woods from a guy who i let hunt there and they are about 40 feet. That is just way to high. If i fell i would have no chance of living
  6. to me it all is a fact of cover, wind direction, hilly or flat land, and the most inportant is how i feel. lol ( im not getting younger ) 15 - 25 feet is good for me.
  7. Ground hunter

    Im a big fella, I always keep at least one foot on the ground.
  8. I like a nice view around me so i go about 20 to 25 feet.
  9. Im not much for heights either, i sit from 10-12 feet and thats it. As long as i take advantage of cover and hide myself as best i can i am just fine. I have been busted before at this height but who hasnt, i have killed enough deer to know 10 feet is just fine. I have killed a few from the ground as well. I figure if i was to go any higher i wouldnt have any fun hunting becuase i would be to worried about falling out.
  10. Used to like heights, but takes to long to get my sea legs back!
  11. I got a couple 12' buddy ladders with 4' extensions, so I'm up bout 16'
  12. as high as i can get to see more .i have two trees cleaned to 42 ft have few at 30 and few smaller tress that 20 they will be nice in 10 more years or so. i have a few climbers stands :biggrin:
  13. It's not the fall its the landing!
  14. In bow season I like to be high...but in gun season it doesn't really matter to me. I will get on the ground and hunt just as quickly as I'll get in a stand. But my stand is about 22 while my dad's is about 30 plus he's looking down hill so it seems like it's it's up there a mile.
  15. Its not the landing either, its the sudden stop LOL

    I like to be from 16 to 25 feet, depends on the cover and the foliage. I have a stand only 12 feet up, could have harvested a deer every time I set in it, took 2. Just depends on the cover and conditions