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How many deer do you see in person that you caught on your deer cam?

Discussion in 'Indiana Whitetail Hunting' started by KBacon, Jan 2, 2007.

  1. Just thought I'd ask. We had several deer on our deer cam this year that were very nice. I think we counted 12 total.. and between everyone in our group.. I think we saw 7-8 of them in person. And have seen some of them in the past before we got them on camera...
  2. Steve

    Steve Admin Mod

    I've seen quite a few that I've seen on camera. I exact number I couldn't tell ya.

  3. New to this trail camera thing, I can't speak for myself. However I know a guy last year who saw 10 different bucks on his property while hunting and had 5 different bucks on trail camera. None of the 5 bucks on trail camera were of the 10 he had personnally seen, and all 5 trail camera bucks were taken at night. Things that make you say hummmm.
  4. A lot. I really don't keep track of them all. I see a lot of the same bucks time after time out hunting and have several pictures of all of them.

    Two years ago, I shot a nice 9 pointer that I had pictures of.

    Last year, my buddy shot a 153" stud that I had pictures of.

    This year, another buddy shot a 120" 7 pointer that I had pictures of.
  5. In several years of having cams out only have killed one buck (3.5yr old 135" 12pt) that we had a pic of (my buddy killed it). Otherwise, the big ones we see during season hunting we never get on cams for some reason. Do end up seeing some of the younger age class bucks we have pics of. We have two pics of a 4.5yr old 150" buck that we did see twice hunting (only mature buck on camera and seen while hunting). Have been considering not putting out any cams next year.