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How many deer have ya'll shot

Discussion in 'Indiana Whitetail Hunting' started by coonslayer21, Dec 14, 2006.

  1. So how many deer have ya'll gotten total this year, so far, compared to the number of days ya'll have been out?

    So far this season i have one doe, my dad has one doe, and we have gone out about 10 times this year. Well actually it adds up to five days, we have just been going out on evening hunts. So the success ratio is 2:5. Two deer every five days.
  2. I've been out aprox. 6 days....... 1 Big one down! All but the day i got my big one has been 1/2 days!

  3. reduced numbers and great timing on the rut i hope all harvest are down just to prove this management thing is not working i've seen as many deer before obr and the doe population is down this year or they are all in a hole somewhere hiding from the automatic gun fire around here and just don't know what to think now they want to recycle my lifetime
    here we go there i went where am i :bonk:
    3deer in the freezer
  4. I killed two. That is all I ever shoot. I can't eat more than that.

    If I shoot one at Muscatatuck during my draw hunt, I will have to give the meat away.
  5. Three down and one to go. Guess I'll have to check that off my to do list this Saturday.
  6. 3....1 doe archery, 1 buck archery, 1 doe muzzleloader
  7. Three deer taken in approximately 66 outings.
  8. normal year

    3 a buck and two buttons, still working on my last doe
  9. 4 deer taken from 3 counties

    1 buck with shotgun
    1 doe with shotgun
    2 does with muzzleloader

    112 hours on stand, 35 days hunted (some both morning and night, some all day long, some evening only)
  10. Well I have killed 1 buck and 1 doe so far and let 100 to 120 deer walk just sat and watch and learn. Oh yes some the above I may have seen more than once. This year I have got to do what I have always wanted to do, HUNT AS MUCH AS I WANT. No lie I have hunted 30 to 40 hours a week and what keeps me going is I have been seeing deer every time but twice. WOW gang just to set and watch fawns with their mothers and small and big bucks do there thing making rubs and scraps and just understanding is so wonderful. I have learned so much this year about deer habits and the way they move day by day. GOD is good and I think him for his blessings every day.
  11. 4 deer
    1 doe - bow
    1 button(thought was a doe) - bow
    1 buck - bow
    1 doe - ML
    maybe one more?
  12. To date: over 60 outings, over 200 hours in the stand = 2 deer taken. Sounds like a lot of work for 2 deer, but I've honestly passed up 70+ opportunities to shoot deer. Still waiting for the right buck and the right situation. I've only sat 3 times and not seen deer.
  13. This is my rookie year hunting whitetail...
    so far this year...
    1 archery doe
    1 doe and 1 8-point opening day of shotgun
    1 shotgun doe last weekend
    4 so far...3 in my freezer, one in my parents freezer...the next one is going to a someone that really needs it. I have one more bonus antlerless tag to fill...better get that taken care of saturday haha.
    I've seen countless deer that I let pass for various reasons.
    I've been going out once a day Saturday and Sunday since bow season started.
  14. Lifetime: 47 deer
    Lifetime antlered bucks: 13
    Lifetime button bucks: 2
    Lifetime does: 32

    This year: 4 does