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How many fishing rods?

Discussion in 'Tackle Talk' started by ccavacini, Aug 8, 2005.

  1. ccavacini

    ccavacini Super Mod Mod

    Ok, are you guys as sick as I am?

    How many fishing rods do you carry IN YOUR BOAT?

    I have 3 fly rods (4, 6, 9 wts.)

    2 baitcasting rods

    4 spinning rods

    I need some psychological :help:
  2. That is sick. I use only spinning rods and carry only seven on the boat, but I keep 15 in the garage in reserve.

  3. I have at least 8 dedicated Musky Rod/reel combos.
    No longer know how many Spinning combos
    2 Bass sized Baitcaster combos the double for Musky use once in a while
    a couple older spincast outfits, Omega 181 and a US made 33 with steel reel seat..and a 733 hawg I should use for kids for musky..
  4. I usually carry a flyrod, two ultralights spinning outfits and a medium spinning outfit.:)
  5. Between dad and me we have around 20 rods and reels in the boat.
  6. This brings up another question: I never see anyone using a flyrod on a boat, but two of you carry them. When do you use them and what do you use them for?
  7. ccavacini

    ccavacini Super Mod Mod

    I have my 4 wt. rigged up with a top water spider or a sinking black ant--catch mostly Bluegill

    I have my 6 wt. rigged up with a small popper for gills and bass

    I have my 9 wt. rigged with a jig (kind of a streamer that my brother in law ties) for bass....need the 9 wt. to even throw it. I take it to Canada with me and use streamers for Pike
  8. I fly fish a lot for panfish out of my boat in the early morning and evening when the start coming up and hitting bugs on the surface. I mostly use rubber spiders. I fish for bedding bluegills almost exclusively with a fly rod. Black ants and wooly worms mostly. Great Fun!!! Some guys fish a lot with deep sinking flies all day long for Summer deep suspended bluegills.
  9. ccavacini

    ccavacini Super Mod Mod

    And I thought I was sick:yikes:
  10. Do you ever tangle with a striper when using a flyrod? or maybe one of Monroe's fierce and famous wipers? I have trouble landing them with 6# test. Have to change the line often after catching one, they stretch it out so badly. Incidently, it is countdown time: 26 days until Labor Day when all the pleasure boaters scurry back into their winter holes and the fishing turns peaceful once again. And thanks for the info. I used to flyfish in Northern California and Southern Oregon, mostly for rainbows, browns and steelhead, but haven't done that in years. For some reason I never thought of using a flyrod in Indiana.
  11. thats just for bass fishing, when we blue gill fish in the spring and fall there are 30 or more with fly rod, ultra lights, cane polls, ect, ect. We like to fish. lol
  12. "26 days until Labor Day when all the pleasure boaters scurry back into their winter holes and the fishing turns peaceful once again."

    All I will say is you better not be lying to me about that!! :hide:
  13. 25 days until Labor Day when all the pleasure boaters slither back into whatever mire they crawled out of.
  14. Luhr Jensen flashers

    I have two Luhr Jensen flash lures that are used for salmon and steelhead fishing. They're heavy. You cas them way out. They hit the water and a little light inside starts blinking. Never caught anything with them. Anyone else have any luck with this kind of lure? I have had some luck at Michigan City using glow-in-the-darks for salmon, but never hooked anything on the flashers. I was thinking of trying them on stripers this weekend. What do you think?:help: