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How many hunting with bow this year?

Discussion in 'Indiana Turkey Hunting' started by INBowhunter, Feb 15, 2006.

  1. I've finally decided to try it. I was going to last year, but my new bow didn't come in until it was too late. This year I plan to set up a ground blind next to my favorite turkey field two or three weeks before season starts, and then plan to sit in it until the first legal bird gives me a shot. Jakes beware! :tongue:
  2. i'm going to start this yr. too. i'm going to use a gilly suit because where i hunt it's all mostly deep forest. lots of birds just not alot of fields. will use decoys though. what type of broadheads are you going to use?

  3. Well I'm going to a crossbow Horton Explorer TX 175. Reason: due to operations on my lungs, back and shoulder I can not pull my compound back. I want to get back to bow hunting and this is the only way I can do it.
  4. I plan to use Grim Reapers.
  5. pig skinners are good to 30 bucks for three.
  6. i've never sw those are they expandables?
  7. I've about talked myself into trying to get a tom with my bow this year. I've taken 4 with a shotgun, so I figure it's time. :)
  8. Turkeys??? Scrapes???

    You DO realize that Turkeys don't make scrapes, don't you Scrapewatcher????
  9. Yo, do you explain chicken scratch then??:chicken:
  10. that's funny!! that's my fall name. my spring name is scratchwatcher lol.
  11. Bowhunting Turkeys Is Bowhuntings Greatest Challenge! As Awsome As Turkey Hunting Is With A Gun, Hunting With A Bow Is Outstanding! I Have Took Two Birds With A Bow With Two Different Broadheads. One With A G-5 Montec And With With The Gobbler Guilotine. I Prefer The G-5 Because The Gobbler Guilotine Is A All Or Nothing Shot. But At Any Rate Good Luck To All!
  12. Alright, you've talked me into it. Although I've only ever gotten three turkeys in my life, I am going to give them a go with the stick and string. I don't plan on using a blind...I think I'm setting myself up for failure, but who cares? I've been looking at broadheads and have thought that the NAP Gobbler Getter might be a good one.
  13. You don't owe anyone an explanation as to WHY you are useing a crossbow, they are perfectly legal archery equipment for turkey hunting. Good Luck and have FUN!
  14. Thanks Camby, some people are a little funny about crossbows, but I love to hunt and with a crossbow I can enjoy the trip too. Thanks again
  15. YES!......You are a perfect example of what the "some" are doing and have done to hunting. It's pitiful that a hunter feels it's neccessaary to have to explain their LEGAL weapon choice. Heck, it's legal, pick it up and Go Hunting!!!!....THATS THE MOST IMPORTANT THING!

    I shot and killed a hen turkey during the archery portion of the 05' fall turkey season. One organized deer group leader made some kind of ISSUE out of the harvest, questioning what TYPE of archery weapon was used....when ALL TYPES OF ARCHERY WEAPONS ARE LEGAL. You would have thought, someone who considers themselves an ambassitor of the hunting sports would have just said congradulations and left it at that!!!!!