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How many Mature Bucks??

Discussion in 'Indiana Whitetail Hunting' started by Hoyt_Rocks, Mar 6, 2006.

  1. Doing a little personal research on Mature Buck sightings for the 2005 season and wanted a little info from the members on this sight.

    Question: How many on stand Mature Bucks sightings (130" or better) did each of you have over the span of the entire whitetail season. Please only count the ones you actually spotted while on the stand or in a blind. Please separate into 3 distinct categories.


    Also indicate if you do not hunt any of the three season types!!

    Thanks for the info guys!!

    Hoyt_Rocks ;)
  2. Archery - 5 sightings of four different deer between two properties. The three largest ones came through at 50 yards, and I couldn't do anything to get them any closer.

    Firearms - 3 sightings of two different deer between two properties. No shots, but I couldn't have taken any since I tagged a buck during early bow.

    Muzzleloader - 0...The biggest one is still out there though!
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  3. 2 from the stand during early archery.

    0, firearms

    6, driving back and forth to work when I couldn't have time off to hunt!
  4. 3 mature sightings (archery) no gun sightings.
  5. 0-for bow not able to pull bow back

    2- shotgun 8 and 12 pointer

    2- muzzleloader 8 and 12 pointer

    4- driving not in my area

    2 - still see the same two and both still have there horns
  6. Let's see, give me a minute. 2005 was such a great year for me, it may take a while.

    Oh yeah, 0!!!. :tongue:
    Last season was very disappointing.
  7. three

    Saw what I think are three different 4.5yr old bucks(mature) that would all go 140"plus. Saw one of them three different times (my main target, twice in bow, once in gun). Saw another on a drive first day of shotgun (exploded a willow tree tryin' to get him). Saw the other one during shotgun season, no shot. Them old dudes know how to get away. Not a good year for seeing a lot of bucks due to the huge mast crop. Didn't seem like any of the deer needed to move very much during daylight preferred foods. There were others on cams that I knew were around but no sightings.

  8. 2 Archery
    4 Shotgun
    0 Muzzleloader
  9. Big Bucks, No Whammies!!!!!

    I hunted in Iowa the week of Nov. 7, so I wasn't in Indiana for the prime week of bow.

    I saw one mature buck on Oct. 18, that I grazed, and I saw one of the better bucks I've seen in my area on Nov. 19 during gun. Unfortunately, a guy in the next woodlot over blew his front leg off, and never recovered the deer. I assume the deer died, but don't know for sure.


    I hunt with all weapons.....
  10. Archery 0
    Shotgun 1
    Muzzleloader 0

    Had no good crops on my place, standing corn 3/4 of a mile away. Dissapointing year on sightings. Had the one in shotgun at 250 yards opening morning, wouldn't come any closer. Landowner came back on opening morning at 8:30 am to ditch with his backhoe in the field I was hunting.
  11. seabee

    seabee Staff Member Super Mod Mod

    Archery 0 (maybe hunted about 16 hours total this year with a bow)

    Shotgun 0 (didnt go out this year, dont like gun season to much)

    Smokepole 1 (only went out 2 times,and he was a GIANT!)
  12. Bucks R Us

    archery- 0 no time
    shotgun-4 3 still walking 1 in freezer
    muzzleloader-6 all still waiting for next years game of hide or die
  13. I saw a few bucks last season, but since you specifically asked for 130"+ only:

    Early Archery = 0

    Firearms = 1 (and I shot him :biggrin: )

    Muzzlelaoader = 0 (didn't hunt)

    Late Archery = 0 (didn't hunt)
  14. Same here and i hunted all 3 seasons. Seen a lot of small bucks though.
  15. Saw 3 during archery season

    Shot one of them on Oct.31 I was told it would score around 150

    Saw one monster during shotgun when i took my nephew out just an incredible 12pointer chasing a doe it was in the 180s