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How many Nascar fans here?

Discussion in 'Sound Off' started by fordgo6, Feb 7, 2007.

  1. Fordgo6 stands for Mark Martin, I've kept up with him since his ASA days in the early to mid 80's, since he's semi-retired, and Kurt Bush is gone, I'll have to root on the rest of the Roush Team ......."FORD RACING"......... Who do you guys like??
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  2. Hendrick Motor Sports

    Jimmy and Jeffy

    Chevy Racing...

  3. Was a Mark Martin fan until the day Tony Stewart came over from IRL, then it was Stewart first. Still respect Mark. Open wheel, Indy fan first and foremost, more or less grew up at the speedway.
  4. Paroits...Bears them two!!man are you Kidding????:coco: D.E.I ....Babby
  5. You forgot the WhiteSox...other than that, you pretty well got it covered...
  6. heck yea BREW if its not budweiser its not a car
    DEI is gonna be great this year
    open wheel forget it lets trade some paint
    i do like tony stewart also
    CAN YOU SAY JUUNIOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. I am not huge into Nascar but my dad is. I'm sure I'll enjoy when I'm an old man like you guys...JK!
  8. Dale Jarrett, New number (44) new car Toyota. GO DALE
  9. Always loved Mark Martin...

    Big Smoke fan too.

    A wise man once said "NASCAR is more about who you DONT like than who you do..."
    that being said anybody but the Hendricks girls
  10. I Gotta Go With Smoke!! But #8 Aint Bad Eather!!!
  11. Oh Trent....... C'mon bud Jimmy and Jeffy are rump rangers...... DEI dude. I Juniors first race in Richmond and picked him since Ernie Irvan retired. Also saw his first race at richmond.....think it was '89.
  12. trader i used to like jarret not now the next thing you know ups drivers will be in foreign trucks
    USA union made products
  13. Like they said...its more about who you don't like than who you do...

    Won't root for a ford or dodge guy, and I damn sure won't root toyota...

    Never jumped aboard the Junior wagon...

    Go Hendrick...those boys can drive...