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How will you hunt the late season?

Discussion in 'Indiana Bowhunting' started by Indianahunter, Nov 30, 2005.

  1. What type of setup will you use for the late archery season. I've held out sdofar on taking a buck in hopes of tagging a better deer during Muzzleloader and late bow. Any thoughts?
  2. This is my plan for the late season.... Lots of praying and hand warmers. I haven't taken a deer yet this year. Matter of fact I have yet to take an Indiana deer. I have had many 6 points and that one huge 10 point that has been spooked off 3 times by other hunters. I am holding out for that Mature Whitetail. I have never hunter the late season, but have been told to hunt the food sources until the second rut. I am going to use my doe decoy every chance I get (when no other hunters are around), along with doe in heat, over a food source. Just my .02 for what it is worth.


  3. The area I hunt is a small patch of timber (about 15 acres). Being that I have archery permission only, it hasn't been touched since late October when I took my buck. So my plan is to hunt the same stands as before (and maybe even bring in a climber) hunting a couple hours at sun up or a couple hours at sun down.

    Good luck.
  4. Food sources early and late and in the timber mid-day, as the temps drop the mid day movement will increase. Also look for the second rut to begin during the muzzy season.
  5. When the temps drop the deer tend to stay close to bedding areas early on in the morning. Hunt until noon if you can stand it. I shot a deer at 12:51 pm, it was comming into my food plot with a small buck.

    I would say the best time to hunt in my mind is from 10am till 3 pm. I have seen lots of deer move during this time, especially in either hot or really cold weather. Deer are slaves to their stomaches and will get up and munch a bit close to their bedding areas or get a drink of water.

    Good luck, I've packed it in fo r the year. Time to rabbit/squirrel and coyote hunt