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How would you rate Indiana's whitetail season this year?

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How would you rate this years hunting season?

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lets take a poll
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Is anyone else around? I keep expecting to hear crickets chirping and silence. Anyway, This past season was good for me and my family. I was lucky to kill a nice 10 pointer with my recurve and my daughter, age 9 got a fat little four pointer the first week of gun season. It was her first deer! I finished with a doe the last day of gun season that made some excellent breakfast sausage. Good luck with the site. Hopefully some of the ther regulars on other sites will come around.

Once the site gets officially launched you will hear more than crickets ;)
Congrats to you and your daughter Woody. Wow, your daughter is 9 and she shot her first deer, that's great. Here in Michigan the legislator has been talking about dropping the age limit for rifle from 14 to 12 for the last couple of years. Hope they get it passed this year. I think you are in for a real treat at this site once Steve gets it up and running. If this site turnes out to be anything like then your in for alot of fun.
Thanks for registering Boltaction. I hope to have this thing operational this week.
We'll have to tell Paul about this poll. I'm sure he will be thrilled!!........;) :tongue: :) :evil: The face icons are in a different order than in MS!!!!
Season started out well, Killed a nice buck and a button buck (thought it was a doe:( ) on opening morning of the Gun season in Parke County at my cousin's farm.
Then a big doe in Noble county during the muzzleloader season. Could have killed more but I've got plenty of venison in the freezer. I have 18 acres of woods behind my house in Lagrange County but it was pretty slow. There was quite a bit of standing corn just to the South. I think they were all hanging out over there. What more could a deer ask for? Food and good cover all in one place. Well there is seed for next year's hunting.
We used some deer roasts from last year in my Science class I teach and made jerky in a dehydrator. Even most of the squeamish kids seemed excited about the project. They ate it all up.
Now we need some good ice!!!!:bonk:
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The opening morning of gun season my grandson shot his 1st deer ever with his .410 shotgun.It was a big doe which he followed up with a second smaller doe that afternoon.He is 7 years old and I now believe hooked for life.Its great seeing the young folks enjoy the sport.I had to work after opening week end but got back out in the Black Powder season.I shot a nice 8 pointer the 3rd. day of the season.I also have two sons and they both killed good bucks this year.I would have to rate this season as a very good one.
I was able to watch a bunch of young bucks chasing does opening morning of firearms. I dont think I've seen so many chasing at one time. I had my T\C Encore 209 x .50 with me, at 1:00pm I took A nice 8 pt. and as soon as I could reload, I took a butterball doe that my buck had been chasing. I was lucky enough to take another doe during muzzleloader season, the freezer and myself are full right now.

This was the worst season since I've been in Indiana…seen fewer and smaller deer than any year in the past. That OBR sure is working well [tongue firmly planted in my check!].
Great season, seen more mature bucks this year than in the past five. Both my 12 year old Grandsons harvested their first deer. Made my season. OBR is working, add point restrictions or Earn a Buck and move firearms season out of the rut and we will have some real deer hunting.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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