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Huge buck hit in Indiana

Discussion in 'Indiana Whitetail Hunting' started by dirtyq, Dec 1, 2006.

  1. My uncle's son-in-law works for a police department in Southern Indiana and was called to a collision with a deer. It is supposed to have 32 scorable points. The person that hit the deer has already been offered $50,000 and a new truck for the rack. The police officer has pictures on his cell phone so I'll see what I can do on getting them from him and posting.
  2. do you know which county?

  3. I believe they said dubois or daviess but I don't have confirmation on that yet.
  4. please say not dubois that is where i live and hunt...although the potential is there...a neighbor found a dead huge non-typical last year and a friend of mine shot a 12 pt. non-typical rough score 183"
  5. Why is it when a huge rack is bought there is always a new truck involved? Is Bob Barker from The Price is Right collecting antlers?
  6. My guess is because his truck was pretty tore up. It doesn't matter to me whether you believe it or not.
  7. sure, I bet he was the same guy that shot the buck that beat the hanson buck last year, and was bought by the same guy too. LOL
  8. at least its not from dearborn or switzerland although its sad to lose one like that
  9. You guys that didn't believe me are going to feel bad. Dad brought me a pic of this deer tonight. I am going to take it to be scanned sometime after this weekend and then I'll post. Unfortunately all I have been able to obtain is a black and white photo off of the policeman's cell phone. It is just the head cut off laying on the highway by the accident and isn't great resolution. I'm telling you guys this thing is HUGE!!!! :yikes: Dean your gonna want to get some info on this beast. It was hit in Daviess County. The guy who hit it is keeping it pretty hush for now. It is the biggest thing I've seen posted here this year.
  10. I believe you because I have also seen the pics and talked to several eye-witnesses. It was killed just outside of Austin. Also, there are always trucks involved with the trades because redneck deer hunters (and vehicle drivers) don't know any better. They don't realize that the rack off of a big buck is worth $65,000-$200,000. Call Bass-Pro Shops headquarters and ask what a buck(like the ones you speak of) is worth, someone there will know. ;)
  11. I could care less what it's worth. I just want to see the pics. I guess I am just an antler junkie.:evil:
  12. My truck's 11 years old and I could use some extra cash for guided hunts in Pike County, Illinois. I guess the next time I see a Mac Daddy standing on the roadside I'm gonna do my best to run him down, then start the auction.

  13. Mac Daddy? You're from Michigan, I thought all you had were basket 8's?