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Hunter Education Class Soon to be Online

Discussion in 'Indiana Outdoor News' started by ICOKnoy, Dec 21, 2005.

  1. Soon everyone will be able to complete the Hunter Education Class online. The course will take between 6-8 hours. My understanding is the course itself is free but to complete it you must pass a test at the end. Upon taking the test a 15.00$ fee is assessed.(Yes if you fail you must again pay the 15.00$ fee) This course should be available sometime after the first of the year and can be accessed via links on the DNR website.

  2. dnrlawman.....I am new to the sport and primarily bowhunt. Will this als be available archery only? thanks for any info.

    (bill reiman)
  3. Sorry for the delay. The hunter ed. course is required before purchasing a license if you were born after Jan. 31, 1986. It is also required for some of the draw hunts held throughout the state. Even thought it is a good idea, if you do not fall into these two categories you are not required to take the course.
  4. This is GREAT news!

    The U.S. Sportsman Alliance and the NWTF did a study a year or so ago and found out that children that hunt supervised with their parent or another adult are already the safest group out there!

    As a father of a 12 year old boy, I can tell you first hand, the current H.E. requirement is a big road block in recruiting new hunters. Without the recruitment of youth hunters, hunting will die a slow death.

    My 12y/o son has 23 kids in his 6th grade class, he is the only child in that class that is H.E. certified. There are 3 boys that my son runs with here in the neighborhood, ALL 3 are chomping at the bits to go hunting, BUT they are from non-hunting families and do not have the certification, therefore it is difficult to introduce them to the sport of hunting.....AND that includes ALL types of hunting, not just deer hunting.

    I FULLY understand the thought process behind hunters ed....however I STILL think that it is ABSURD that a H.E. certified adult is NOT allowed to take a non-certified youth squirrel hunting in August (or anytime of the season).
  5. Although I may not totally disagree Camby can a Licensed adult take an unlicensed juvenile out on a Sunday drive? In my opinion the same risk exist.
  6. I agree. If you want to take a young person hunting in August, you have plenty of time to get them in a course by then. Going thru such a course together also counts as quality time, almost as good as the actual hunting trip. I have been hunting for years but never in Indiana. I would like to attend an actual course before the next season. I live in Rockport. Are there any courses close to this area?
  7. I took my nephew a few years back. He was more than happy to get there and it made him feel like he was a real deer hunter. While there, I took the course with him even though it wasn't required for me to have it. After all, I had to be there anyways, so why not take the class. Since then, it has helped my in applying for reduction hunts. People with the certification get priority over those that don't. I do agree that hunting with a parent or a veteran hunter is the best education out there.
  8. dnrlawman, what is the minimum age requirement for hunter ed????? Did not know and was pretty sure you would.
  9. Crappie the IDNR website has links to a list of state wide Hunter Ed. classes.
    As for a minimum age for the class there is none. I have had kids that have come through to young to read the questions but passed after having the test read to them.
  10. Thanks for the info, DNRlawman. Hope to be ready next year. Warrick county looks to be the closest on Jan 21&22. Anyone want to join me? Maybe we can team up and find a place to hunt next season or whatever is left to hunt this season.
  11. Hunter Education Certification

    Dnrlawman, does the certification have to come from an Indiana class? I received mine from Alabama 19 years ago (wow, how time flies!) This does not pertain to me personally, but thought that it would be good info for others...thanks!
  12. We do accept certifications from other states but I do not have that list with me. I am guessing this can be found somewhere in the hunter ed. link I posted.
  13. I have taken the class twice. Once with my aunt (she felt she needed it and didn't want to go alone) and once with a boy who wanted to go hunting with me and since his parents divorced, he adopted my family (and his grandma owns 90 acres in harrison county:bowdown: ). It made him feel like a hunter and made a good deer season even better.