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Hunters Wives

Discussion in 'Indiana Whitetail Hunting' started by Rowdy, Sep 13, 2006.

  1. Rowdy


    What do all of your wives think about hunting and being gone all the time?

    Im lucky and have a wife that likes to hunt and fish with me, but also understands that I dont want to hunt and fish with her all the time. She is eager to hear the hunting stories we have when we get home. She does not bowhunt. But in firearm season she will get up early and pack a better lunch than I can throw together and hunt all day.
  2. Where did u snagg that one rowdy???????

  3. I'm lucky, my wife loves the meat, and really loves it when I take the girls out and she has the house to herself for a bit. When the time comes to drag, gut and cut, she's only a phone call away, and joins the "after party".

    For her I'll admit, last year blood trailing...she found one of my does...don't think I have stopped hearing about that over the last year.:bonk:
  4. Last year was my wifes first year of deer hunting ,she went out with me during firearms season ,on our second time out she shot a button buck at 18 yards with my muzzleloader! It is a great date night to be in the same stand with my wife!
  5. I have been married for 38 years and my wife and I talked about this before we got married and she use to hunt and fish too. She OK with me hunting and fishing and fishing and hunting. Gang my wife does not say a thing about how long I am gone or when I left. Now that a wife you can live with. OH YES I LOVE HER FOR THAT
  6. I do a lot of my hunting with my 2 son-in-laws, my wife and both my daugters are great about the time we spend hunting. Of course, they like to go on there own hunting(shopping) trips together when we are gone. So I guess it all evens out. I really believe that the Christmas shopping season is the female equavalent of deer season to us.
  7. i think you all are very fortunate to have wives like that.
  8. My wife new how much I love to hunt before we got married so it's not too bad. She went with a few times before we got married, but can't seem to get her to go now.... Hmmmm wonder why not??? :16suspect It was all a trap!!! :banghead3 ohh well, I hunt by meself mostly anyway, and have learned to enjoy it that way. She get a bit antsy about what time i am getting home sometimes but she aint too bad!

  9. My wife has had issues in the past, but never resricted too much. We're young with three daughters-9,4, and 3 yrs old. Last year was awesome, not one complaint or arguement. Best year hunting since we've been together. Finances tight, not much to spend on Christmas for her to buy me much. I told her that the my Christmas present was in Oct. and Nov. when she didn't give me grief about hunting. Best present ever!!!! I also told her that is the only gift I need every year. We'll see if the ass kissing pays off this year.
  10. my soon to be fiance has gone out hunting with me and seen me shoot a doe with a shotgun before. She likes to go every now and then and wont admit she likes to be outside. She just smiles and laughs and says she is "playing the game" Well her finger has the ice on it now so this season will be the true tale if she was really just playing the game or not. I hope she continues to hunt with me I enjoy watching her enjoy the things that I enjoy. As for the complaints about being gone a lot. I think she enjoys the time to get the house arranged and her things caught up from a stressful week. She is a clean freak and me being gone gives her a chance to get caught up. Once in a while i leave her a couple 50's and tell her to go buy something for herself. She never turns that down and she always loves to get my phone calls after I have killed something. I love her to death and I couldnt ask for a better person to know what hunting means to me.
  11. My wife is by no means an outdoors person. That coupled with the fact I didn't start hunting until after we were married made for some VERY heated debates over the first few years, especially when we started having children.

    But over the last 2 years, we have really reached a mutual realization that spring/summer are her seasons, and fall/winter are mine. I try to stay home more with the kids and let her do her thing, then hunting season she lets me do mine. It's worked very well for us. Now the kids are getting older (son-6/daughter 3) so before too long they will be spending more time in the field with me which will please her even more! And me too!:biggrin:

    She realizes how important hunting is to me now, so it has been much better over the past 2-3 years. Heck, she bought me a lifetime license for my birthday a few years back so it can't be all bad! ;)

    I do envy/admire you guys with wives that spend time in the field with you, not so much because you can hunt more, but you get to spend quality time with your spouse doing something you are SO pationate about. I'll keep working on mine, but she thinks I'm :coco: for trying.:evil:
  12. I'm lucky for two reasons. #1 I hunted/fished long before my wife and I met, and when we started our relationship I told her that was a part of who I am, so deal with it, or move on. #2 She didn't move on. My wife is the most patient and understanding person I've ever met, and she has never had a problem with how much time I spend afield.
  13. My wife usually goes with!


    Ok, so the wood ducks were to with one shot and the pheasant was a Nebraska girls ony trip that I didn't get to go on.
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  14. the wife loves to eat deer meat or for that any wild game
    she will be in the ground blind this year for the first time she has been shooting her bow some but won't hunt this year i've convinced her that when the woods wakeup in the mornings is the best time of the day
  15. My wife came from a farming back ground, but not a hunting one. I told her it was who I was and that she didn't have to eat it, but did have to cook it. Thankfully, she eats vension all the time and never has had a problem with it. I also told her that I couldn't live out in the flat lands of eastern Allen county where game is as scarce as trees. Luckily, she was ok with it and I live a few miles from where I grew up. Lastly, and very important! You guys getting married remember this because I got tripped up on a technicality!!!!!

    When we met I had two mounted deer heads. I told her that I wanted them to be hung in the living room. She said ok after much thought. A few years ago I mounted a third deerhead. I hung it in the livingroom, but had to take one down. When I asked why, she said that she only agreed to having 2 deer heads in HER living room, not 3.:banghead3 Cover this technicallity in the prenup, guys!