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Huntin' Videos

Discussion in 'Indiana Bowhunting' started by Duckz-N-Buckz30, Sep 22, 2006.

  1. Wow the new Knight and Hale Ultimate Hunts Vol. XII is nice. Not a lot of hunts (16) but them boys got some bruisers. I also jusy bought Monter Bucks XIV Vols. 1 and 2. They have a chitload of hunts. Well better get started...its going to be a late night.

    Any other good hunting videos out there?
  2. I am really partial to the drury brothers hang to kill video. I think it is this years video for them, funny, exciting and educational. best video I've seen

  3. I picked up Primos Truth 3 Bowhunting. Very cool they have traditional bowhunts on there along with numerous compound hunts. Its good to see them finally taking on the challenge.
  4. i just finished H.S. Primetime X and Pat Reeves killed a monster. The video is really good, would recommend.
  5. I too like the Primetime vidoes. Although I can't stand Alex Rutlidge on those vidoes....that dude does some of the dumbist stuff while in the stand...he is a knucklehead!! OK I am just jealous that he gets that many chances at booners!
  6. did you see that ("South Paw") drop horn buck? holychit!! He is odd, but the boy is call free fluent in boss gobbler!
  7. Yes I did see that droptine buck....pretty cool.