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Hunting Carp

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I'm really wanting to get into bowfishing this summer. I live near the Wabash, and I have plenty of river bottom area filled with overflow ponds available to fish. I've got a few questions to get started.

1.) How much poundage should I be shooting on my bow if I'm bowfishing?

2.) What type of setup should I use?

3.) What are good fish tips to use for carp/gar?

4.) And, do I really need to wear that blue "water" camo like I see on all the hunting shows ?

If anybody could help me out, I'd be very greatful.
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I have used 45-70# recurves. I like the 45, you don't want something that will whoop ya if you are really into the fish. Muzzy makes some tips called Stingarees or something close. Those are really nice, you can get away with cheaper ones also. No need for the camo unless you like it.

For a real fun shooting trip, rig up a boat with flood lights. We used a 4500W generator mounted the 500W flood lights around my bass boat and went out after dark. Early spring is exelent for big carp and buffalo. In the flooded fields I am sure you wont have a problem just wading if the fish are really stacked in there.

Another tip is to aim low on the fish, light defraction makes the fish apear closer to the surface than actually are. Plus the arrow hitting the water at an angle probably causes it to deflect high also.

Once you get into it look for one of those zero drag reels that attach to your bow. Those help out a lot.
A good website that has lotsof tips and tactics is Sully's Bowfishing. I think the address is If that is not exactly right you can google it. Anyway we bowfished over at Raccoon lake last spring when the carp were spawning, what a blast.:fish:
I've seen quite a few at Raccoon, especially over on the east end. Find where a creek runs into the lake and you've got it made on any fish you want. I think I'm going to try Lazy "L" Lake out too. It has a direct feed to the Wabash. Seen some big spoonbills taken out of there....sturgeon too. If anybody is interested in crappies, Lazy L is great in the spring.
Carp shoot

We should have a carp shoot somewhere, I live northeast, there is a couple of resevoirs south of Ft Wayne, Huntington and Salamone. I have driven down to Huntington and have some good shooting there and they both have campgrounds.
Sorry it took me so long to post..just found this site today. Im on the others just not this one yet. There is a group of us 10-15 or so that are huge into bowfishing. We all have different boats set up in different ways and shoot nearly every night. Starting after turkey season we have tournaments every other friday night. I will get all the details for you at a later date. The Hunters Den iin Laotto,IN, 205/Sr.3 is where the tournaments are ran out of. It is a blast. I can give you this much so far. 30$per boat...3 man teams.. no spears on board. Get to meet a lot of other bowfisherman and have a good time. You can call the Hunters Den (357-6100) for more details now or i wills oon post them on the site for you guys. Would love to see you guys make it to atleast a couple.
Just might have to try that one out. Thanks. To my knowledge, there isn't very many bowfishermen around my neck of the woods. If you feel like taking a drive, come on down and see us. We have river bottoms everywhere and PLENTY of carp. Do you ever go after gar? Plenty of them too.
how far down are ya joe? wouldnt mind a drive for some carp. Gar...ah yes...tons of those around... shoot a few a night BUT....most of the time i end up shooting "AT" the gar :banghead3 I have had nights where i practically have my arrow touching the gar and still miss. Gotta hit em just right or your arrow deflects. They scare ya a lot of the time you are looking into the water for carp and all of a sudden a big streak of white and green is layin right on top. Ill never swim in a lake again after seeing some of the things ive seen in water. The neatest thing ive seen is the Loons on Adams Lake in the spring. Awesome looking/sounding bird. The biggest carp turned in last year i belive was 38lbs. WE shoot quite a few right around 30 and a ton in the 20lb. range. MAN I CANT WAIT
I'm in West Terre Haute. It's right on the Wabash River and Illinois state line. I'm not quite sure ofyour specific location but usually the easiest way to get here from the north is to head to Indianapolis. From there, you just hit 70 west and about an hour later you're in West T. Here's another question. We have a good sized lake here, and it is fed by the Wabash so there is a lot of spoonbills and sturgeon and what not. On quite a few occasions, I have seen spoonbills of good size washed up on the bank. I've been told at night they come up to the top and get hit by boats. Any truth to this? And if so, can we hunt them? If you're still considering coming down, I'll be happy to set ya up with room and board. That is if you don't mind a buch of country boys swapping fish stories.:fish2:
Holy cow! Ya i went through there on our trip to Missouri this year for our snow goose trip. Near a 5 hr. trip. Im in the very NE corner.:( Doubt i can make that lol. I dont even know what a spoonbill is man. I doubt ya can shoot em unless that is just another name for a fish im familiar with. Only thing i know of is suckers, carp, gar, bowfin(dogfish).

Spoonbill Catfish (Polyodon spathula) The spoonbill catfish, also known as the paddle fish, is one of most ancient fish around. They are also one of the oddest looking fish species. Spoonbill catfish are not actually catfish at all as the name implies. Spoonbill
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No you can't shoot paddle fish, spoonbills, or what ever you want to call them. That is in Indiana anyways. Other states allow it, I don't know which ones though.

You can shoot carp, buffalo, quill backs, suckers, shad, gar, dogfish. Basiclly most non game fish.
What lake do you have your shoots at?, i'm from Ft Wayne
Wawasee, Barbie chain, sylvan, WEbster.... cant remember the others. They will start right after turkey season. Stop in at the Hunter Den in laotto...Sr3/sr205 intersection. Tell him i sent you he has the schedules made up. I dont have a printed one yet...i will be soon putting them up at other shops and so forth. 357-6100 is the phone # down there.
Look for any flood back water that stays after flood water receeds. Or flood contol canals. Most contain stranded gar and carp. Do not shoot bass, or any game fish.
Does any body Know of any other carp shoot in NE Indiana? I've herd that Lime and Crooked lake have carp shoots every year but I never here when they are until after the fact.
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