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Hunting chairs

Discussion in 'Indiana Turkey Hunting' started by ChapstickCharlie, Jan 24, 2006.

  1. Ok, I have a bad back and I want to try turkey hunting. Is there some kind of low camo chair I can use up against a tree, or some other way to do it?
  2. There's like a little stool but flat and low to the ground. I think the seat is like a webbed strapping material. It has a strap so you can sling it over your shoulder to carry it. If I can find a picture of one I'll post it here.


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  4. I always thought those that are so low to the ground could be hard on the back too. I have one that's 3-legged, but slips into a case you can pack in, like a camping chair, seat is triangle shaped and can be a bit abusive to one's tush after a long spell. I use it in the ground blind all the time. Just a walmart kinda thing. Also use a 5 gal. bucket spray painted camo with a swivel seat on top.
    Always options.
  5. My favorite chair for turkey is one at the dinning room table on Nov 25th.
  6. Turkey Day

    'There's room for all Gods' creatures, right next to the mashed potatoes.'
  7. Chapstick,
    I have had several back surgeries and the only way that I can cofortably hunt Turkeys is to use one of the fold up bag chairs. It is sometimes a disadvantage but where I hunt I know where the birds are so I use a well camoflaged dog house blind in one area and a make shift blind in another to keep myself hid. the chair is very comfortable and the bag that it fits in has a handle which sometimes I sling it over my shoulder just like my shotgun. My hunting partners use them too and we have had plenty of success. Ihope this helps.