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Hunting Dreams

Discussion in 'Indiana Bowhunting' started by JoshS, Sep 26, 2006.

  1. I hope that I am not the only one who is having hunting dreams for the last few weeks in preparation of opening day Sunday! I have had the same dream, not similar - the same dream, several times in the last two weeks.

    I am hunting in this little block of woods in Daviess Co., which has two thin stips of woods running into it from big blocks of timber, with corn fields surrounding the woods and strips of woods. The temp is approx. 42 degrees with a light mist falling in early November. I have my doe decoy placed 23 yards from the tree I am perched in. I just finish a rattling and grunting sequence, when I see a Booner come sprinting down the strip of woods on the East side of me. As he scent checks the area he passes through a shooting lane @ 17 yards. As I am beginning to draw my Mathews, I wake up.

    If this plays out in a couple of weeks, I hope I come out on the right end of things.
  2. Ahh, yes, I see what this symbolizes. What the dream is telling you is that you should have gotten a Hoyt...then you would actually be able to shoot this monster. In the dream you begin to draw the Matthews, but then you wake up. Listen to your dream Josh.....ditch the Matthews and get yourself a new Trykon while you still have a left left to do it.:coolgleam Didn't realize I was a dream analyzer too, huh?

    Hope you get this "buck of your dreams" buddy.....:)

  3. Hoyt, :cwm27: (Bet that will rile some people up on here)!
  4. dreaming, daydreaming about the bigin, that's all i do anymore.
  5. Can't beat those Hoyts for whackin' Carp !!
  6. Quail,

    I have got some Grass carp you can come and take care of down in Southern IN sometime. We had 6, but now were down to 2. They are becoming very wary!!
  7. must be a southern IN thing because my name is Josh S. and i shoot a new Switchback XT. good luck gettin' your dreamer!
  8. thats why mathews named it that because those guys that go to hoyt use it then they see the light and SWITCHBACK TO THE BEST!!!!:evil: :evil: :evil: :evil:
  9. Rubbish....I shot a Martin last, just like someone else I know...........!!!!!!
  10. i haven't shot a hoyt, but i have shot York, Bear, PSE, Bowtech, and 2 different Mathews. In my opinion Mathews is the best for what i look for in a bow.
  11. Alright fellas a little off the topic. Josh S hope u get your deer.....maybe it a preminishion:cwm27:
  12. I'm having dreams of what if's':confused:

    What if the squirrels have chewed my ratchet straps
    What if the squirrels have chewed my seat
    What if the wind is going to be wrong for my favorite stand
    What if I can sleep saturday night
    What if I have everything i need
    What if i'm being to paranoid:dizzy: :dizzy: :dizzy:
  13. my worst paranoia is walking into my stand and thinking i bumped my sight..