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Hunting Huntington Reservoir(Roush Lake)

Discussion in 'Indiana Whitetail Hunting' started by BigBuckD, Nov 15, 2010.

  1. Anyone Hunt Huntington (Roush Lake) this past weekend? Lots of shots fired. I saw two small bucks and some does but no harvest. Would like to know some success stories.
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  2. Well I'm planning on hunting there for the first time thanksgiving weekend. Hopefully I will have a success story. Good luck to you.

  3. Success??

    Saw 2 bucks and 6 does, no shot opportunity. Took a 8 pt in Switzerland County - private land. Anyone else have success at Huntington?
  4. I have a question, and I don't know where the correct place to post it is, but this looks like a decent spot. I am going to attempt bowhunting on public land this year, for the first time. All my hunting has been Georgia or Missouri. I live in NE Indiana. I was told either Pigeon River, or Huntington. I was told there are more deer on Pigeon River, yet better chance of quality deer on Huntington. I am going to attempt Huntington. I have read posts about gun season, and the place gets shot up and hunted hard. What is bow season like at Huntington (Roush), and can anyone give any tips? I will do some scouting, and don't want to be the new guy "walking up on hunters" and ruining hunts. I would rather hunt the thickest less hunted areas. Thank you in advance.
  5. I hunt the eastern edge of the property and also private land that borders the eastern edge of the property. It is definitely a lot more pleasant during bow season than gun or ML, where there are guys walking everywhere doing drives and basically ruining everything. One problem with Roush Lake is that it is hard to find areas that get you away from others. What I mean is that the property is laid out in a way that most of it is within a half mile or so of a parking lot. There is an area on the east side, south of the river (maybe area 12 or 13, I don't remember) where the river turns to the north, where you can hike just over a mile from public parking, but there is a power line cut that makes it really easy to walk back to this area, and there will be treestands back there where guys go that are trying to get away from everyone else, so you still wouldn't have it to yourself.

    My suggestion would be do your scouting next week and claim a couple of spots, try to hunt during the week if you can, and just expect to plan around other hunters - get in early so that if have to change plans on the fly or hike to another stand or whatever, it's not a big deal. Truth be told, if you get in an hour before shooting light in the morning, or 3 1/2 hours before dark in the P.M., you will not walk up on other hunters much. This is assuming you are not walking around to hunt but just to get to your spot, which should be the case anyway. If you need to walk to scout, only do this in midday and be courteous by not leaving scent everywhere or strolling through bedding areas. Any treestands near your area will have the owners name on them, so watch the sign in sheets once the season starts and you can see who is hunting in your area, when they generally hunt (weekends, mornings, evenings?), what truck they drive, etc. Good luck.
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  6. Thank you very much. That was very informative. I plan on doing more weekday hunting, until I get the feel of they way it works, not to mess up anyone's hunting. Perhaps some week day mid day as well.
  7. Weekdays in the morning you often can have a section to yourself until about November 5 or so. A few more points...starting tomorrow you can hang stands as long as you have your name on them (I'm going out tomorrow). Also, there are a lot of corn fields on the property, and also on the surrounding private farms. When the corn gets harvested, the surrounding farms will have none, but the hunting area will have a lot of corn that is left up for game, so this helps draw/hold deer on the property if the corn comes off early enough. By early enough, I mean before gun season...after gun season starts all bets are off and it's anybody's guess where they will be. I have not shotgun hunted there only ML for one season and that was enough to not bother with it since.

    One more thing, I don't know how much you have hunted up here, but our population has been down the last couple of years. EHD has hit some areas of the state harder than others, and this is one of them. It's still hunting, and still fun, but just trying to temper your expectations a bit. I have read that the population is expected to be down for several more years yet in our area. On the bright side, I do expect the hunting areas to be less crowded with fewer deer numbers (not joking, this is a real phenomenon). Good luck.
  8. Straightshooter,

    I am bordered on three sides by roush and have to say that your EHD comment is not valid. i have seen more twins and singles this year than I ever have. It is not out of the ordinary to see 50+ deer in a night driving a little bit around the property.
  9. I've been hunting over there since last year. I see plenty of deer sign and deer. Now when gun season comes in, that's a different story, lol.
  10. That is good to hear, especially given the hard winter that we just had!

    I'm not sure which comments you thought were not valid. The fact that we had EHD in our area in 2012 is not questioned. The impression that the population is lower in the Wells/Huntington county areas is shared by many other hunters that I talk to almost daily and the land manager that I know that is in contact with many hunters on the farms that he manages both here and in other counties around the state. Many of us had a reduction in deer sightings in '12 and a more abrupt decline in '13. This is also in line with DNR reports. The slow recovery prediction was from state deer biologists.

    Noone really knows of course. It is all based on anecdotal experience of individuals and DNR reports that are by nature debateable. It sounds like your experience has been different than most of the people that I talk to, and that is great to hear. I know I plan to hunt Roush more this year based on how few deer I saw hunting other parts of the county last year.
  11. I went hunting Wednesday. Shame to say it was my first time out for the season. What a beautiful day. I was the only vehicle in the parking lot for my section. Did not see another soul all day. I saw 4 deer. 3 nice size healthy does, and one I could not determine the sex, as it was really thick where I was. Somewhere between the stand, and getting back to the truck, my fiber optic pinsight broke off. I got home and had a spare metal pinsight, and put some of my wife's fluorescent fingernail polish on it, and resighted the bow. I am going to try and get out one more time before the fire arm opener.

    I will not go in the woods during any firearm hunts. What is it like for late bow season? Will the deer settle back down, or is it all shot up and done? I plan on doing some serious, indepth scouting in the late winter time frame. Everyone be safe, and enjoy your time in the woods.
  12. I'm sure there are areas where there are still deer. To be honest, I have not hunted it in late bow (by late bow I mean after ML), just because with gun season, ML season (30 days of gun hunting) plus small game hunters etc. it seems like it would be pretty shot up.

    Let me explain what kind of experience I had during blackpowder evening, I was walking to the area I was going to hunt, and I encountered another hunter who was highly annoyed with me and asked me to hunt elsewhere because he had got his son all set up close and wanted that spot. So fine, I knew the area well enough to walk to another spot a quarter mile away and get set up for an evening of hunting. About 30 mins. before dark (i.e. prime time) I hear a noise and this guy is busting through a row of brush like he is hunting bunnies...but he has a ML and is deer hunting! He walks within 60 yds of me, acts like he can't see me sitting in this fencerow in my blaze orange, and keeps crashing along until he gets to the end of the field, where he meets up with at least 4 more guys and they head off toward the parking area.

    I also tried a really cold weekday morning, got up at 0 dark thirty, hiked back to that area I mentioned in an earlier post, got all set up, and this guy was up there with a squirrel dog running around chasing squirrels all morning. I realize it is public so the idea is all those people have the right to be there and hunt like they think they need to hunt, but that was my last season trying to hunt at Roush Lake in the late season. Just not fun for me.

    I sincerely hope your results are better, just have a few options up your sleeve in case you need to make a change or three.
  13. Roush

    i hunt roush because it is the nearest public land to me and i have no private land to hunt...i have been out 14 times since oct 1st. 11 times with bow, and 3 times with shotgun since it opened...i have saw 10 doe from my stand but the only one that came in range unfortuantley so far was this past friday evening during firearms and it was a doe which cant be shot during firearms at roush...opening weekend of firearms i had 2 guys sit up on the ground about 75 yards behind my stand, but when they saw me they left...i also had 2 rabbit hunters with 4 beagles crash through my field during my morning birthday hunt...i couldnt be mad because i like to rabbit hunt as well and we are on public ground...everyone i bump into is usually pretty friendly and talkative...have never had any issues with other hunters but it does get hunted hard...during october i got out 8 times and saw 0 hunters in the field...during november i see people almost every time...weekdays obviously are your best chances for less hunters...its a challenging place to hunt to be honest but its all i got so i hunt it every chance i get...good luck out there, and be safe!
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  14. They also particpate in the weeklong Pheasant Put and Take program and this week many pheasant hunters and their dogs will be out. I and my three sons will be there tomorrow in section 19. We have been there before and kicked up a few deer and small buck a couple of years back.
  15. went to 23b today on a pheasant hunt...MANY hunters...this was my 1st year and it was honestly somewhat unsafe and unorganized...shot only rained down on me once and i came home with 2 hens...will give it a shot again next year for only 25 bucks i cant say no