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Hunting Indiana OBR Poll

Discussion in 'Indiana Whitetail Hunting' started by trdtnlbwhntr, Jul 21, 2006.

  1. For the Record

    There is now an OBR poll on the other website. So far in less than 30 minutes its 2 yes keep it 5 no get rid of it and 2 needs more time to develop into a long term idea. So the obr is losing there by 1 vote. Keep an eye on it if you like to see where we stand with the "anti's" . Have a good one. ~trdtnlbwhntr~
  2. we are tied 4 say yes 6 say no and 2 say it needs more time. Looking good so far but I am sure there are plenty more over there that dont like it too much.

  3. I wonder who cedararrow is..........:bonk:
  4. Come join the debate guys. It's gotten good. I've about worn my key board out. :banghead3
  5. I can't.......

    LMAO..........I wore my welcome out.

    Have at it guys. I hope people who support proper deer management are talking to friends and anyone in Indiana who hunts deer. Soon we will see IDNR ask for public comment, that is when a certain individual will begin his quest. What we will see is a flood of emails going out, the emails will be only to people in the anti OBR camp. The next step is to go to boards he frequents in other States and equipment and get non resident help. We can look to see Ontario, Georgia Kentucky as The main players.

    The anti OBR camp knows this is their last shot. They are spreading false statements. Using scare tactics as "antler restrictions", who as suggested that as additional rules?

    I find it an insult that the OBR is now being called the "One Buck Restriction", in an attempt to plant a idea we are "restricted by the government". It is the "One Buck Rule", set forth by administrative rule, dictated by Indiana Statute.

    You want this to continue get ready to participate, he ahas stated he believes it will be decided by the comments, he doesn't believe the survey sent was valid. And he knows the tricks of public comment by email. His antics in implementing crossbows in States has taught him well.

    I hope when public comment is requested by IDNR we have to give an Indiana address along with a name.
  6. I noticed that too, Joe...they just keep twisting...
  7. yeah, I was wondering that too. We have a traditionalbowhunter, but no cedararrow.....Things that make you go HMMMMMM??!!
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  8. What was that word again, Joe?? Drivel??? I learned a new word......

    Are people really that uneducated that they really believe his plays on words like "Restriction"?? Sad.....

    Hey's not a "restriction", it's a rule/law. And, look at all the new record book entries...Gee, we're sort of close in record book entries as those other states that manage their deer properly now....WOW!!!!!!!

    OH, Uh oh.....Tennessee is a three buck state.......How many Boone and Crockett, Pope and Young, etc. entries did they produce??? Maybe they should go to a One Buck Rule????? I'll bet the Tennessee folks would support it.....

    Silly Woody/CutNShoot........
  9. :bonk: <<<<<<<<<was the beating he would get on the anti OBR site......

    Dean I read where they claim the soil prevents them from having large antlered der,can someone explain to me how texas did it? I have been there many times, frkn sand and cactus. Explain Colorado. Eastern Montana, Oklahoma..... these places can't grow a potato....

    Tennessee suffers from the three second rule......... DEER....Buck........Boom!

    I'm looking at square miles of habitat, deer hunter numbers and harvest data.... that will tell the truth. Funny how in the past they had an ELEVEN(11) buck limit. Now at 3 buck limit, they praise the older age bucks...... Get to one and we'd be callin them the number 1...........
  10. glad i could help stir this settled pot back up again. Arent you guys so proud of me....
  11. way to go've done us proud!
  12. Joe, we see it in N. Minnesota, the U.P. etc. too. I fish up in the BWCAW area around Ely, Minnesota. The soil sucks for growing stuff: rock, sand, etc. BUT, those forests are so vast that some bucks get huge because they live long lives. Their diets are a farcry from what deer eat in S. Minn., S. Mich. etc.

    Anyone on here who thinks Woody Williams is correct about Tennesse has to understand that Tennessee has vast semi mountainous forestlands where deer can hide and survive. Same thing happens in the boreal forests of MN, Wis., Maine, Michigan, etc. The soils suck in those places, but big bucks get big there by living to see their 4,5,6, and sometimes 7-10th birthdays.

    If you remember he used to tell us that we can't compare Indiana to Illinois and Ohio, Iowa etc. but now we wants people to believe that it's all right to compare a flat MW state to a mountain state.......HELLO!!!!?????:dizzy:
    The fact that some people actually believe the crap that he puts on that site just amazes me...;)

    I'm not sure who cedararrow is, but I hope he keeps up the good work over there...............
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  13. The poll on this web site go along with the show of hands lastnight at the Grant Woods seminar that around 80% or more of Indiana love the OBR rule