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hunting land needed ASAP!!!!!

Discussion in 'Indiana Whitetail Hunting' started by hunterswife, Aug 15, 2006.

  1. Hello my husband got some bad news the other day that the land he has been deer hunting on for the last 4 years is no longer letting him hunt anymore and hunting season starts Oct.1 and with the birth of our daughter just 4 days away he really does not have time to go around looking for other hunting land so if you (or if you know someone who might) have land (in NW Indiana) that is ok to hunt on please contact me right away. He is very responsible and safe when it comes to hunting and he only hunts with a bow. If needed he will also do some extra handyman work in exchange for hunting rights on your land . Thank you have a good day ~ Jennifer (
  2. Rowdy


    Hey Jennifer, the One Buck Rule works on public land as well. If you cant find any private property to hunt, I would suggest some public hunting areas. People underestimate public land. Im sure there are bigger bucks in Hoosier National Forest than in my hunting ground.

  3. Hi Jennifer I am also from Northwest Indiana and just recently lost my hunting land. I have since found a lease and although it's full right now it might not be for long. Were are you from maybe I could meet you and your husband sometime and if I feel comfortable could slide him in if a position becomes available as I am always looking for a good hunting partner. Good luck with the new child.
  4. ccavacini

    ccavacini Super Mod Mod

    I don't think anyone will honor this request. Especially since you didn't bother to fill out a profile.

    Lot of good people on this site....all have had to get their own property to hunt.

    I suggest you post a request in your local newspaper.


    p.s. Let us see a picture of you and your kid
  5. This guy is our equal to Bocephus. He has multiple names on the other site. 1 story I read about him said he recieved money from members to take his father hunting and it was a scam. Watch out INDIANASPORTSMAN BROS!!!:cool:
  6. thanks for the warning!!
  7. In a sense, his picture to remind me of Bo's. Could it be offspring??
  8. Thanks for the warning? PegeonFlier does not even know the story, what had happened was that my dad isnt very healthy and its hard for us to make time to get together, so I asked for donations... $1-$5 to help us toward our goal to go on a trip, I did NOT collect any money and was not scamming anyone! I wish people would let this rest! It happened over a year ago and I have done nothing wrong to hurt anyone! I even wanted to give away stuff to bowhunters and everyone thought it was a scam... :( Please give me a chance here. :(
  9. ccavacini

    ccavacini Super Mod Mod

    Billy, unfortunately, you've left a bad trail with your posts on other everything has followed you. You've been booted off other sites, and, it seems, with good cause.

    If you want to contribute something to this site, go ahead, but don't ask anyone on this site for anything. Get your own hunting areas.

    Don't take advantage of the kind-hearted deer hunters on this site.

  10. Thanks for the warning Pigeon, if this is what happen then we don't need this kind on this site. And if I am wrong then I am sorry. This is a super site and we need to keep it that way.
  11. What ....this is the first i have heard about it but i know my husband and he is not a person that trys to scam anyone in any way , im sorry you feel that way maybe you should get to know him and share some hunting tips and stories and see that he is a good hunter as well as a good person.

    i was in a hurry and did not make a profile plus im not really sure if i even know how lol but anyways i just came here looking to maybe suprise my husband and find him some new hunting land and maybe even a new hunting buddy ... our baby is not due until saturday.
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