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Hunting Mushrooms

Discussion in 'Mushroom Hunting' started by aphares, Mar 26, 2007.

  1. People ! Hi There...

    I am A Moose Member and am wanting to host a Daily hunt and then free cooking/Eating mushrooms day for our members. i am wanting to get a "Small" bus "more like van" of members old and young to go on a daily hunt, but I really want it to be enjoyable for every one that wants to go, with some consideration the land can't be to rough for older members. My problem is I don't want this day to be a bust and am looking for a little help on where to go for the best luck. I know nothing can be taken for granted that even one will be found, but I sure would like better odds then just a guess. I am looking to start from Shelbyville, In. and would like the bus ride to not be more then 45 min to an hour. if any other moose members would like to chime in "more then welcome to be included" , or anyone willing to put there 2 cents in, It would really be a big help to make the day a good hunt. But please send me a personal e-mail. It might be bad day to only find every internet searching muchroom hunter done picked them all.

    Thank Guys
  2. Hi Arthur, Welcome to the site!
    Good luck on that Moose mushroom day.