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Hunting over horse feed??

Discussion in 'Indiana Whitetail Hunting' started by Bocephus, Jan 23, 2006.

  1. I remember a post on here about a member hunting over horse feed or using horse food to lure bucks. I might have seen this somewhere else but if not, who was it? I thought they even posted a picture of some of the bucks mounted on the wall. I was wondering what this feed was called. Any info would be helpful.
  2. anyone remember this?

  3. horse feed

    The post was about minerals I use on my place.

    I use mineral licks and have since 1989, the horse supplement I use is called Omolene. It has the largest calcium and Phosphorus content of any supplement. It will not work alone without salt so Yuo need to add 1# of salt to it.

    I place this in established mineral licks in March, I want does that are ready to give birth to be in the best health they can be. The does also use this during the summer as they breast feed. I can honestly say I have only two trail cam pictures of bucks using the mineral licks, and cameras were on them for WEEKS! One buck was a spike the other a 5 point!

    The person tried to say I hunted the mineral licks to get the bucks I harvested over the years nothing could be farther from the truth. Are there stands within 200 yards? YES!! Are any on a trail that goes directly to the stand? No. Have any bucks been taken from the stands.........NO!!

    The better health of a doe going into birth, the better milk she feeds and the better bone structure of a fawn buck increases your chance for a good antlered buck at 3 1/2 .

    Folks salt does nothing for antler growth, in fact it impeads it. Calcium and phosphorus is what we need for "bone growth". Look at any minerals you want to put out for deer Calcium should be #1 in mix Phosphorus should be above 2%. You add salt to make it taste good to them.

    Any questions on stand placement near a mineral lick should be to Conservation Officer, he interupts State law, not hunters or public.

    Jealousy clouds peoples ability to reason......