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Hunting Pressure

Discussion in 'Indiana Bowhunting' started by coonslayer21, Sep 29, 2006.

  1. Just wondering how does everyone deal with hunting pressure?? What do ya'll do when the deer woods end up lookin a lot like a pumkin patch??
  2. Luckily the all woods we hunt are private and have a very limited number of hunters. We know who has permission to hunt there. Did have one guy claiming to have permission when he didn't, the issue was resolved with a quick cell phone call to the landowner.

  3. I hunt...when I get a chance... on private land. Still, opening weekend can be crowded...the landowners where I hunt are generous. I used to hunt in heavily pressured areas like around Story and Morgan Monroe Forest. Whether on private or public land, I have found the best way is to get in early and stay put. Let everyone else move the deer for you as they go in and out of the you don't want to get in someone else's area and get shot by mistake when sneaking around. Also, especially on public land, get in deeper than the average hunter and find the location the deer are likely to go to under pressure or the escape routes...saddles, thickets or ravines.
  4. The way i have found to beat the pressure is to hunt during the middle of the week. The deer tend to follow their normal pattern and aren't as skittish.
  5. I agree with bambicide, and if you can't stay put, go to your tree at 10:00

    and stay till 3:00.
    Good luck
  6. i hunt private mostly, but when i hunt public i just get there early and go in deeper. i see deer that usually dont see as much pressure or let the other hunters push them to me,
  7. when it's like a pumpkin patch i usually leave. it's not worth your life.
  8. Walk a long way and hunt high! :hide:
  9. At Camp Atterbury, the center is restricted to no hunting (ground zero, with unexploded shells) and the hunting area is around it. There is a road most people take around ground zero. They then drive back towards the edges of the base, away from the no hunting zone. I have found it best to let everyone drive way back in there, then I park right next to the main road on the side opposite the no hunting area and wait for the deer to head to ground zero. We've taken 2 nice bucks that way and a doe.
  10. Thanks Scott, i will keep that in mind.