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Hunting with the moon

Discussion in 'Indiana Whitetail Hunting' started by Indianahunter, Dec 7, 2005.

  1. I've been reading about how the moon affects both the travel and feeding habits of whitetail deer. I've been keeping track of the deer I've seen while traveling my teritory and its very interesting that deer are moving within the times the chart is telling me to be in the woods... Any thoughts?
  2. There must be something to it... I know I catch more fish when the solunar tables / charts say they should be more active...:fish: Years ago Sports Afield swore by them.

    I say if they work, use em!


  3. I have no doubt that it has an affect on deer activity, however, I would never let a bad solunar day prevent me from heading out for a few hours in the stand.
  4. I think there is some truth to the moon phases related to deer movement, but I mainly agree with the above. Just because the "moon table" tells me that deer movement will be minimal...I'm still heading to the woods.

    Weather fronts, hunting pressure, and other details will affect deer movement more than any specific moon phase.
  5. I have been using solunar tables for the last 3 years, and agree that I would be out there even if it is supose to be a "bad day".

    I will tell you how they help in one way. I am a "stump setter", and hunt from a ground blind, usually a portable blind. Sometimes after 3 - 4 hours sitting the itch to get up and wander comes around. But, having the moon tables handy and knowing that a possible feeding time may be coming in another hour or so will help convince me to stay put. It is not uncommon for me to sit in my blind from dark to dark, never leaving the blind. I have done it many times. I know this style doesn't fit everyone, but it is the way that has been the most successful for me. Of coarse, pre-season scouting is the key to success. It tells me where to setup my blind.

    I am sure you all have heard the "Ten-to-Two Rule" haven't you? This is another "tip" that I have seen to be true on many occasions. It is not uncommon for deer to move & grab a snack between 10 AM and 2 PM. If you catch the lunar tables showing a feeding time within this time period, you had best find a good spot and set yourself up for some action.
    -Dan- ;)
  6. Moon charts and other misc. voodoo aside, the best time for me to be out hunting or fishing, is when I've got the time to do it. Get out, roll the dice and take my chances, I really don't pay the charts much attention. Just get out when I can, and enjoy the fact that I'm privlaged to be out there at all.
  7. I took a doe about thirty minutes after sitting down on what the tables called a poor day for hunting. Maybe if it was an excellent day it would have been a hog buck, but I'm not complainin'.