Hupfer Resigns

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    DNR’s Hupfer resigns; Carter named as new director

    INDIANAPOLIS (November 21, 2006) – Department of Natural Resources Director Kyle Hupfer has submitted his resignation to Governor Mitch Daniels. The governor has selected Robert Carter, Jr., the department’s director of law enforcement, to replace him.

    Hupfer has accepted a position as general counsel for ProLiance Energy in Indianapolis and will step down December 1. He joined state government in February 2005.

    “Kyle interrupted his career to serve in state government, and we’re grateful for the two years he’s given. He’s led some important initiatives
    during his tenure, including implementing a new forestry plan, the acquisition of Goose Pond, and development of a statewide trails and
    greenways plan,” said Daniels.

    The governor said Carter will be tasked with continuing to push forward with the state’s outdoor recreation plan and improving the condition of Department of Natural Resources (DNR) properties across the state.

    Before joining DNR, Carter, of Brazil, was twice elected as Clay County Sheriff, the first time in 1998, and served until February 2005. He joined
    the Clay County Sheriff’s Department in 1989 and was appointed chief deputy in 1996. In his current position, Carter oversees 250 DNR conservation and law enforcement employees.
  2. Hard to keep good people in State government!!

  3. Was he the one that made lifetime license no longer available and raised the the prices on every hunting and fishing licenses? :bonk:
  4. JB, Jack, anybody...what do you know about this new guy? I've heard of him because he's only 1 county away from me but I don't know anything about him.
  5. New guy

    I have not met him yet but will in a few days. I know EVERY conservation officer speaks highly of him! They say he lets people do their job and will supply the tools needed to get the job done.

    I see on other boards where people already posted that he supports "this or that", what BS!!! Let the gentleman move into his new position, once there let's see if he has an open door policy like Mr Hupfer.

    I wish Kyle well in his new endeavors and appreciate his willingness to respond to my(and others) questions and comments at any time of day or night. Kyle did represent sportsmen well.........

    Joe Bacon

    Pres IDHA
  6. Well put, Joe.
  7. Like Joe I have only met Rob Carter a couple of times so it's too early to form an honest opinion. Let's give the guy a chance. He's doing a job that few of us would put up with for very long.

  8. Kyle leaves IDNR for ProLiance Energy Company owed by Vectren

    Vectren's subsiduary ProLiance has lost a law suit and was forced to pay 21.6 million dollars to the city of Huntsville, AL. Is this the same ProLiance that Klye is going to work for? Seems the federal judge ruled in favor of the Huntsville suit and then the appeals court ruled in favor of Huntsville, AL when it was sent to arbirtation.

    Sorry appeared in the Evansville Couier and Press today.