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Hypothetical Question

Discussion in 'Indiana Whitetail Hunting' started by coonslayer21, Nov 28, 2006.

  1. Here is a question that i have thought about from time to time. With all of these animal rights organizations actually were sucessful at stopping hunting, would you obey the law and stop hunting, or would you break the law and hunt anyways without trying to get caught? What would u guys do?
  2. I'd probably get arrested long before they succeeded, I'd fight it til the very end!

  3. Let 'em try and catch me!
  4. I with everyone on here will never give up my hunting.
  5. Hypothetically answering...CATCH ME IF YOU CAN...IF YOU DO...I'LL DO IT AGAIN.
  6. i would still have deer in my freezer i tell you that.
  7. I believe id be in jail more times than not.
  8. Better lock the door and throw the key away to keep me from hunting.
  9. Thats the fighting spirits fellas :evil:
  10. With a quiet bow and camo, they would never hear me, and without my orange bogin on my head, they would never see me.

    It will never happen anyway, if they ever stopped hunting for one year, the following year they would be begging hunters to get back in the woods. They would see the effects of
    overpopulation and motor vehicle accidents involving deer.
  11. I'd be on the nation's most wanted list.
  12. As long as they keep eatin my crops, I'll keep eatin them....
  13. The deer population is the biggest it's been for over a 100 years, I agree with ya silent but deadly....