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I am new to the site.... and Indiana fishing in general.

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I live in Clark County ... I am in the market for a good used boat... my favorite fishing is for Mr. and Mrs. Whiskers. If anyone knows of some good lakes for catching catfish in southern and middle Indiana I would greatly appreciate any tips and help. I am looking forward to this spring and summer. Well just wanted to say HI to all of you and hope to type at you soon.

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Welcome to the Indiana Sportsman

Right now I would think a hot spot would be below resevoir dams. Cats will be moving out of deep holes in big rivers up stream soon if not already. Fish in Tributaries above holes and brushpiles so the scent of your bait filters down and they will follow it up to your bait like hounds, and hold on to your pole!

I Know every year they catch em this time of the year and a little later on the Missisinewa and Salamonie from the dam to the Wabash. I think they float crickets under bobbers

Welcome Cricket. I'm over in Harrison county myself... not far west of you. This weather has been pretty rough lately, the water temperatures aren't getting much of a chance to rise! A few weeks ago the crappie were starting to bite but I think that has even died down again... I hope it warms up next week and stays sunny long enough to spike the water temps. If so, I'll be fishing next weekend in the deep holes of the Ohio River. ;)
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