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I appologize.

Discussion in 'Sound Off' started by Old Ironsights, Jan 29, 2007.

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  1. I've had a really ****** weekend - much of it dealing with anti-gun cranks - and lost my cool on my last post. Not good.

  2. I understand. But I can't see taking it out a group of people that at the core, you have more in common with than you disagree about. Yet...its all disagreement....

  3. And they say us waterfowlers are crazy.... All this BS needs to stop. Enough is enough already.
  4. I don't care who you are, but a guy who is man enough to publicly say "I'm sorry" and mean it (which I think you do), is a good guy in my book.:coolgleam

    I've stayed out of the debate, but I will say this. I've not meet Old Ironsides, but we have talked via PM. In my discussions with him, I think he is a source of a lot of good info and very knowledgeable. Actually, I found him very open minded to my side of things, even though we differed, in a level headed discussion.

    I say you're an all right guy. I want to hear some of those Alaska stories.:coolgleam

    Tmarsh is just touchy because his Bears are going to lose next weekend.:biggrin::hide::evil:

    Keep it all cool guys.
  5. Things calm down, people discuss their differences, make amends, and then comes DEC with his COLTS TALK!!! JUST TO STIR THE POT!!!:cheeky-sm
  6. I understand also, but each of us are entitled to our opinions. It's too bad that a thread, on any particular topic tends, to make emotions run high, which results in name calling toward fellow Hunters that otherwise should be good friends. I always try to be objective, in such discussions, but like everyone here I am only Human, and things will get out-of-hand sometimes.:grouphug:
  7. All in a days work my friend.:evil:
  8. comes DEC with his COLTS TALK!!! JUST TO STIR THE POT!!!

    You know, even I'm smart enough to avoid Religious Debates... :tongue:
  9. to quote The Duke, "There's another one of those fellas that uses that word "friend", reeeal careless..." :evilsmile

    GO BEARS!!!

    Sorry your thread got hijacked Ironsights...but this sort of insolance just CANNOT be tolerated...:evil:
  10. s'OK. I said what I need to both publicly & PM. :bonk:
  11. I agree.
  12. There hasn't even been a declared champion yet, I can't imagine how much bs there will be after the game.
  13. I read the thread.

    I read the thread.
    They closed it.
    Which causes me some concern actually.
    I am still rather new here and all, but why exactly was it closed?
    This debate over yes/no new gun proposal will continue to come up.
    Even after it is either voted in or out, it has garnered a great deal of attention.
    What is the purpose of closing a thread, when you know it is going to start over within a week or two?
    So far, it still stands at no defensible reason given to deny it.

    I am sorry, but anyone attempting to make my choices for me, with NO VALID REASON for forcing their will on me, is the real BS part of the debate.

    If you don't want to use these, don't.
    But leave the bs at home.

    It is absurd arrogance of the highest order to tell me I can't SIMPLY because you don't want me to.
    You can never defend that type of reasoning, because it is NOT reasoning at all.
    It is stubborn, and it is selfish.
  14. Hunter Hollis

    Hunter Hollis Banned

    The B.S. after the game will be a big B.lue S.treak across everyones screens that says..........


    GO HORSE!!!!!!!!!!
  15. smiles if you want to complain about the thread being closed do it elsewhere.
    this thread was started because a grown man had something he felt he needed to say...and he should be commended for being big enough to apologize.
    there should be very little else that needs to be discussed in this thread. lets not turn what was originally a well-intended thread into another arguement (especially you colts fans haha) let the man say his piece and lets move on. if you have a question for any of the moderators as to why the website is ran the way it is please feel free to write them a PM and ask. They are all good guys and I'm sure they'd answer. None of us closed the thread so its not reasonable to assume that we would be able to answer your question. Honestly if you really look at what was said in that thread you'll know exactly why it was closed. It's arrogance of the highest order to be so sure of yourself that you can't see when you've made a mistake. One of the men already apologized...the other is trying to highjack his apology thread. Kudo's to you ironsights for stepping up to the plate.
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