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Discussion in 'Sound Off' started by ccavacini, May 13, 2006.

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  2. ok nevermind i dident see the site!lol sorry!!!!my bad:banghead3 :banghead3:bonk: :bonk:
  3. I don't know, 3 squares per day, recreation, religious services, and college degree??? He has no possibility of parole, why should we pay for him to get his PHd?
    He is French, perhaps we could educate him of his own history, give him all the comforts of the 18th century Bastille life... "Straw, Gruel, and a bucket" he would be off the federal books in a couple of years from dysentery alone...
  4. Are you serious? This jerkoff plays a major role in the butchering of over 3,000 Americans and this is all he gets!! Screw that fry the SOB! Now the people he hates and wanted to destroy have to pay to house, feed, and medical care for him. Yeah the whole "don't kill him or he will be a martar" stuff is gettting really old. I say shoot him with a pig blood soaked bullet. So he won't get his 72 virgins. Televise his execution And let the whole goddammed world see what happens when you screw with The USA. For once I wish we would have the balls to do something like this.

    ALright now I broke my soap box, so I have to get off of it.:yikes:
  5. The guillotine is French isn't it? :evilsmile
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    Seems to me you can only die once...he'll be staring at the same 4 walls every day of his life for 23 hours a day....I think if we kill him, he'll become some kind of martyr to the crazies...this way, he'll just fade away.

    What's more torture...being killed and finding out there really weren't 72 virgins waiting....or living every day wondering what they look like;)
  7. Yeah I see your point, but It just pisses me off to no end that we have paid for what he and his pals have done as far as human lifes, widows, and children without mothers or fathers, aunts uncles, or grandparents and now we have to pay to house this peace of garbage. I say let that boy go to general population and let the savages handle business....Jailhouse style!
  8. Amen to that, then feed his dead body to the hogs.