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I forgot !!!!

Discussion in 'New User Introductions' started by dleslie217, Mar 2, 2006.

  1. Bocephus said something about Treehugger having a senior reminded me I never posted any introduction. Got to admit, I joined with the intention of being an observer and possibly learning a thing or two. I got a little fired up over the Jimmy Houston/Bellar thing and jumped right in without any proper here it is. My Name is Doug Leslie, I live in Shepherdsville, (just north of Terre Haute) and I enjoy most all types of hunting and fishing, play a round of golf every chance I get also. Just call me Doug and thanks for having me.
  2. Seems kind of weird welcoming a dude who's been on this forum longer than me, but welcome, Doug. I would say jump right in, but it appears you already have. There are usually some of us in the chatroom at night...come check us out sometime.


  3. Nice to see that you are not too shy!;) Welcome!
  4. Welcome Doug, Its hard to set back and say nothing with all these gang going at it.
  5. It's great to have you here, Do you fish the pits very much? Last year when I was down there the fish seemed to be small.
  6. I don't have access to a lot of the strip pits, most of the public strip pits are fished pretty hard so you're less likely to nail a big one. I have no doubt they are there though. I do have access to a couple of private gravel pits, the fishing there is great.
  7. Doug...nice to meet you you...feel like we've already met after all the talkin'. Sorry about the earlier Cubs blast, I couldn't's similar to a PU blast, they just come out so easy. Still need to meet up at the local store for a cold soda so we can make fishin' plans....ssssshhhhh...Dean might be listenin'.

  8. OOPS.. Another of my senior moments I guess. It wasn't Bo it was WarEagle in the new user intro's for Treehugger 1971. What time do you get off work ? This is my weekend to work, I have to be to work around 6:00pm, my month to work nights also. I will be off Monday and Tuesday though.
  9. I can hit NG about 4:30 or so. Usually work later but normal hours are to 4:00 pm. Shoot me an e-mail or PM me to setup a time.

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