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I found it!

Discussion in 'Indiana Bowhunting' started by Noftheriver, Sep 15, 2006.

  1. I found a possible honey hole.

    A guy I did some work for two years ago said I could hunt his 65 acres.
    Just me! maybe a friend but only archery.I talked to him last night, he said come on up.I am going up Sunday to scout it out. He said he has seen bucks already this year, Didnt say how big. His sons will come for the Shotgun hunt.I will be long gone by then...I pray!
    He is up in deer country! The highline ridge about 30 miles northwest of the Ohio, about 20 miles southeast of Vincennes.

    I saw 88 deer last year, the day late archery opened, in this same area.

    I may have to pass that honey locust thicket up on 10/1 and save it for the Bonus Anterless tag.

    Man, I just laid out scent trails and corn...... what will i do?........ here, there,,there. I just cannot make up mind! :banghead3
  2. congrats buddy!!

    glad for ya:biggrin:

  3. I said Vencennes, I meant Versallies.

    Is it Sunday yet?
  4. Missed my Sunday venture due to my brake problem on my van.

    Went tonight.

    It is a honey hole! I had one doe walk towards me,I was standing in a small clearing looking at some cedars.They jumped up so I froze. one left the other walked up towards me,I did not even blink. She got about 15 ft from me. twitched her ears a bit while she looked at me then slowly walked off.
    I did not take the camera cause of the rain :(