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I need a job in the Outdoors (not just outside)

Discussion in 'Indiana Whitetail Hunting' started by MI Duck Hunter, Nov 24, 2005.

  1. I know everyone has thought this every time time a new season opens, that it would be great to have a job in the outdoors, but I really mean it. I am tired of beating my head against the wall :banghead3 for a job I don't enjoy. Put me in the woods, a field, on a river or stream, or on a lake and like most I will feel like I died and went to heaven. I have even been thinking along the lines of video production and outdoor instructional videos along with many other ideas. But alas, many in my family are thinking I have lost my mind :coco: , but I don't care. I am going forward with this anyway. Who wants to come along for the ride? As short as it may be.... It might be fun. :bouncy:

    Yes this is a rant, but it is steeped in a deep wanting of something better for myself and those around me and if I can help someone along the way just makes it better. :biggrin:

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  2. I think about doing something else all the time. Here it is, Thanksgiving day, I'm at work. Will be for the next 26 days in a row, get two days off, and get to start all over again. There has to be something better.

  3. You are preaching to the choir guys and if you have an idea and can really see it working then nothing wrong with going for it. People probably think your nuts anyway

    G Hollen
    Greenwood, IN

    the voices in my head tell me to go hunting
  4. I hear ya, I would love a job like that too.

    I will tell you though, the job, like any job, has its downsides too. A friend of mine is a Game Warden (Conservation Officer) in another state. He has told of many horror stories of dealing with drunk people with firearms in their hands, among other things. Some folks can get pretty P.O.'d when they're caught red handed.

    Still, it would be great to have a job outdoors doing something you love. A river guide, photographer, etc.
    -Dan- ;)
  5. I'd write about my hunting experiences, but most would only make the readers shudder in terror or start to cry. May not be a big market for that.
  6. The Stephen King of Hunting stories?
  7. Nothing that bad, just missed shots, scars, falls in the river, you know, the normal.
  8. At one point, many years ago, I thought about becoming a CO in Michigan. I started looking into it, then realized, I would be working hardest during the best parts of each season. I also have thought about manufacturing, because I have thought of a few improvements to many products. Reengineering has always been my specialty.

  9. I have thought long and hard about opening a sporting good store when i get my degree. I wont be outside but i still will be working with my passion on a daily basis. Where i live we have very few hunting and fishing stores. Several times when i have wanted to go fishing and needed bait i have arrived at the shop to find it closed. This at 3 or 4 in the afternoon. We only have 2 bait and tackle shops in this town and neither one deal heavily in hunting. Im working on my business management degree and id love to do this. I might not get rich, but i get to be my own boss, make my own hours, and work with hunting and fishing products all day.
  10. I work at mcdonalds...... i would like to even work in a place that overlooks a field or stream lol.
  11. The Government hires professional hunters :)
  12. im eating mcdonalds right now
  13. Brad, I had the same idea about opening a sporting goods store. I live in knox and I don't see much in the area. When I lived in Michigan you could always find even a mom and pop sporting good shop. If I'm not mistaken there were more Gander Mountains in one city than in this whole state. You could find someone to work in your shop on the days you want to go hunt. We need something more in this area.

  14. FireLt72

    FireLt72 Staff Member Mod

    Let me throw my 2 cents in, If you are under 36y/o become a firefighter like me. You work either 24 hrs on and 48 hrs off or like my schedule 24 on, 24 off, 24 on, 24 off, 24 on 4 days off. I also get 15 vac a year. Check out for more info or email me.

  15. There is a pretty good demand for surveyors. They have a two year degree at Vincennes.