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I.S.T.A. Presidential Nomination

Discussion in 'Indiana Trapping and Varmint Hunting' started by Jrbhunter, Jul 13, 2005.

  1. Ladies and Gentlemen I'd like to pass along a little information to you today. Although there have been rumors and suggestions for some time now I would like to remove all doubt with this post and explain my decision as best I can.

    I, Jason R. Bruce, am running for President of the Indiana State Trappers Association. After much consideration I have decided to gratefully accept the nomination and move forward with a campaign that I truly believe in. The Indiana State Trappers Association is an organization that makes a positive impact in our states hunting and trapping rights and holds a lot of potential for sportsmen in the coming years.

    Please allow me to introduce myself to those I’ve never met, I have lived in Harrison County Indiana all my life. I have hunted, trapped and fished since I could first walk along with my father and two older brothers. Trapping was once a supplementary income for our family of seven until fur prices dropped in the late 80’s. I have been active in nearly every aspect of Indiana’s outdoors over the last 15 years. I am an avid whitetail hunter, passionate predator caller and I’m simply addicted to the art of trapping.

    Today I work full time as an engineer but am able to take off a few weeks during the winter to hunt and trap across the state. Aside from my work in the woods I have been active on a handful of legislative issues and have attained a working relationship with some of our new IDNR leaders. Director of Indiana Department of Natural Resources, Kyle Hupfer, and I speak frequently about issues that concern Indiana’s trappers and sportsmen in general. The newly appointed IDNR seems willing to work with organizations like the I.S.T.A. and my recent conversations with Kyle as well as Glen Salmon of the Division of Fish & Wildlife have assured me that our collaborative efforts will be a big asset to the trappers of this state.

    I feel that an alliance between trappers, predator callers, houndsmen and other aspects of Indiana’s outdoors is very important in protecting our heritage. If elected President of the I.S.T.A. I hope to work closely with other sporting groups to expand our opportunities and strengthen the bonds that will keep the anti’s at bay. My experience in technology, as different as it may be from my years in the woods, is something I think will help our organization in the future. The internet is a very useful tool and if used properly has the potential to bring trapping and our trapping organization to thousands of Hoosiers. My work with the online hunting forums and Indiana Predator Challenge have shown me just how affective the internet can be in reaching the sportsmen of our state.

    After seeing a handful of officers and active members step back from the organization recently to spend more time with their families I feel that now is the time in my life where I can best serve the I.S.T.A. The time and energy required to properly lead an association like the I.S.T.A. will be very demanding but I feel I am ready for the challenge and I’m excited about the opportunity.

    In closing, I humbly ask for your support in my run for President of the Indiana State Trappers Association and I strongly urge you to become an active member in this organization. The I.S.T.A. is at a crucial place in it’s service to the sportsmen of this state. With a stern but cool headed approach to the issues that will face us in the coming years I believe the next president could open a lot of doors for Indiana’s trappers and protect the heritage we all live for.
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  2. Good luck to you.

    How do you get involed in the I.S.T.A. ?

  3. Thanks

    Thanks IceDude, looking forward to this election. If you would like to join the I.S.T.A. please visit and check out the membership options. I hope you join us and I'll see you at some meetings in the near future.
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    Your credentials and enthusiasm are evident....good luck.