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I should have got in the trail cam contest

Discussion in 'Indiana Whitetail Hunting' started by BGGooseKiller, Nov 4, 2006.

  1. can we say shooter!!!!!!!!nice deer good luck;)
  2. NNNNIIIIIICCCCCCEEEEE..........sure hope he walks by me tommorrow morning
  3. Great looking buck!!!! BG, was this the deer you had a shot at the other day? If so, I can see why your sick. If not, maybe your fate is to meet up later with this bruiser. Awesome character, definately a mature buck.
  4. BG is this a last years Aug 26th picture of an Indiana buck? If so he shed his velvet very early.....also he is going to be a monster this year. Nice gnarly rack on him!!
  5. The date was wrong, this is a buck from this year. and no it's not the one I pooched a shot on this weekend.
  6. Hey BG if you dont mind me asking what type of camera is that? I am interested in getting one and that seems like its a clear nice picture.
  7. It's a wildview II. $90.00 or something like that. does good if the deer are close but goes downhill quickly from there. slow trigger time also which I don't like.
  8. Try out a Stealth Cam. I don't have one myself but I am getting one and everyone ive asked told me they are the best. One guys standing next to me at Gander Mountain told me that he had boughten everyone of them and returned them except for the Stealth Cam. He said that they are even better that the Cuddebacks.